Declutterathon Do

slob, humor, declutterathon

I was gonna name this Declutterathon (Double the) Do.    But, then I realized that would never do.     Do ya think??

Today’s decluttering is of my to Do list.     Remember this ?

(pic of to do list)

Oh man!  Something has happened to my image library, and all my pix are gone, except the last 2 posts I wrote.    What now???      Let’s see if I can recreate it, or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

slob, humor, clutter    This is pretty close.

I called it a small action stack.    It really wasn’t that bad at all.     But when I was flipping thru my card stash, Holy Spirit just kept pointing out cards to send to different people, so it turned out to be a bigger job than I thought.   And that’s ok!    I always want to obey Holy Spirit!!

I had two sympathy cards to find, and do. slob, humor, sympathy    Done, and stamped.

Insurance letters to file, car and medical.        slob, humor, clutter slob, humor, clutter                                            Yay for a neat filing drawer to actually use!!     Filed.

Blog ideas, and order of Declutterathon days.    slob, humor, blog ideas   My handwriting is horrible!!     Aren’t you thankful I have to type this??!!

And 3 different handwritten posts.    slob, humor, handwritten post















I decided none of these things needed to be on my desk, so they went into the file 13 as well.



Yay for a nice neat desk again!!

slob, humor, decluttered


Do, Decluttered, Done.


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