Religion? Relationship?

A new friend, and follower of mine, Lawson, writes about a variety of topics.  This one is so relevant to what is happening in too many churches today, that I had to re-blog it.  If you enjoy it, please go visit him!   He starts out by complimenting his home church, then goes on to discuss other churches.



“I want to start off by giving the biggest shout out to Coastal Church in Daphne, Alabama for not only touching my heart, but countless others. This non-denominational church stands for the fundamentals of the Bible and the ways of Jesus.”

slob, pastors

Pastor Chad and Jennifer Stafford


“I feel sorrow for the fact that there are many problems with a wide variety of churches today. My prayer is that one day there will be solidarity in the fundamentals of the Gospel. I want to discuss some of these issues.

I want to start with the most extreme problem churches. Many people have heard of Westboro Baptist Church.”

Go here to read the rest.

Steering Steady

I feel good today.   I’m so glad.   Last night I was so overwhelmed, and exhausted, I was considering taking myself to the hospital again.   I have told my counselor repeatedly, that I will never go back there again.   (Uh oh, remember when I said I’d learned NEVER to say never again??   Yeah, about that…)   But, I was so low, that I was bawling for about an hour.   I called my Sis in love, Shirley, and she talked me off the ledge once again.   (The first time she talked me out of killing myself, was before I even met her in person.   My brother did good, real good.)   I wasn’t suicidal last night, but seriously considering going to the hospital is bad, real bad.   Anyway, she said I needed time for myself, to have a life, and get out and meet people.   That sounded like a real good idea.   Shirley is one smart cookie.   That reminds me, I’m hungry…

I didn’t have Vanronica, but since it was such lovely weather, I hopped on my scooter, and away I flew rolled to the store, to get some more ice cream bars.   What??  Ice cream bars are people too, right??   And, I met a new cashier, so that was getting out and meeting someone.    

Not what she meant, Melinda.


No.   She meant like, a man person, ya know, a potential date??

Oh, okay.    Well, let me finish my story then.   I think you’ll approve.

As I rolled through our MH park, eating my i.c .bars, I waved at people, like I always do.   One guy I’d never met before, said “Hi”, and another remark.   So, I stopped, and we started talking.   Now, I’m a talker!   And, apparently so is he.   We talked for an hour!    After admiring the sunset, and learning he lived alone, we sat down in his patio chairs.  (He had been standing, and I was on the scooter, which isn’t the best seat in the house!   OR yard either.)  Eventually we both decided we needed to go.   {I really had to GO!!}    As we stood up, I stuck out my hand to shake.  

slob, humor, man

My new friend.



He shook his head, “Nope, I’m a hugger.”   So, I got a big ole bear hug!   Then I asked for another, please!   He was only too happy to oblige!

slob, humor, hug

Yeah!! A man hug!!

(These are re-enactments, since my resident photographer was on break at the real first meeting.)


So, now I believe we are going steady!    {That was our first date, right??}   Look for an engagement announcement soon!


Brew Brouhaha

{I know a brouhaha is a fight, not a laugh like bwahaha, deal with it.}

Whoa, girl!  You’re getting mighty aggressive there!

{snarl}   I haven’t had my coffee yet. 

But, I thought you didn’t like coffee???

Yeah, I don’t!   So that tells ya how far gone I am!    Don’t mess with me today, you won’t like what happens.

{hands up in surrender}   Don’t worry, I’m not gonna mess with ya!

Just throw me ice cream bars, and no body gets hurt!

Heading to the store as we speak!!


Okay, now that she’s gone, I can quit pretending to be so surly.   I just needed a break!!

slob, humor, winky

(old caption) You saw her in the grad. pix, she’s small!! But tall!

Now that we’ve had our brouhaha, (and legitimized the title), here’s your brew.

make coff

Yes ma’am!!   Immediately, sir!!   (I don’t know if it’s a boy or girl cat, so I covered both my bases there.)





instant coffi-put-redbull-in-my-coffee



slob, humor, coffee meme

I was gonna comment on their spelling, then i realized they probably Do mean “expire”!

HAHA, and lookie there, WE are outta coffee memes!

Wait and see if I can brew up any more java jokes, or is the coffee cup dry???


Done Dark

I know I said I might have to go dark for a few days.   But, I just can’t do it!!    Even if I just have to write a Poor Post.   I just can’t let y’all down by being blank!!    

Is that pride??

Or is it being responsible??

Anyway, no post today.   I’m.just.too.tired.

slob, humor, tired

Yes, I really have my head in my plate. I TOLD you I was tired!!

But notice the napkin.   Anything for my wonderful readers!!    Even rice in my hair!   (Practicing for my next wedding I guess.   Bwahahahahahaha!!)

Tinier Tackle

I know I already talked about a tiny tackle. (L o n g time ago!)   But i wanted to talk about a tiny tackle again, but since THAT title was already taken, I had to use Tinier Tackle.   But, this tackle is not as tiny as that one, cuz this one involves bending over.   So, that tiny tackle is actually tinier than this tinier tackle, which should be named Tiny Tackle, but must be Tinier Tackle.   Got it??   Good!   Let’s go!

Umm, Melinda? 


I don’t really got it.

Don’t worry, I’m the one who said it, and I confused my own self!

On to the Tinier Tackle!

I used a wipee to clean several spots on the floor, that were REALLY bad!    Don’t everyone clap at once!!    And, as usual, no pix.  sigh   So, that was my tinier tackle today.

BUT!!   PP did some cleaning!!  Yes, she really did!!   On a tinier scale, than if I did it, but she did.    Wait, if she did ANY cleaning at all, then it’s not really a tinier scale, cuz I haven’t done any, (except the aforementioned wiping) in a long time.

So, the fact that she cleaned at all is a tackle of spectacular proportions, I’d say!!

Yeah, ok. Technically, I guess.

As you were saying… PP cleaned something?

Oh, yes!   She had spilled her Cheerios, ya know, the colorful fruity flavored ones??

We’re familiar, yes.  Go on.

Anyway, I told her to pick them up.   But, she didn’t want to.   Instead, she got the broom and swept them up!   That girl is one smart cookie!!

slob, humor, "clean" floor

“All clean!” PP proudly claimed!


Of course, there’s a little to be desired in the execution, but hey!  She just turned 3!!   And, to be fair, there is a large clear area in the middle!!

So that’s her tinier tackle of the day.  

Yay, us!


Dirty Diapers

Yeah, dirty diapers.  (No visual on that.   You’re welcome!)  Not much else to say.

Okay, well, not much anyway.

I can’t write a post, because I’m knee deep in dirty diapers, undone undies, baby bottles, and sippy cups.  

slob, humor, bottles

The only 2 sippys I could find, and they’re clean. Uh oh, someone’s gonna get a nasty surprise when those chocolate milk ones are found!!

Somewhere under the pile is my used-to-be-my-own life!    But never fear, Super Omie is here!

I love these girls more than my own life.   (OBVIOUSLY!!)  lol

Someday soon, the babysitting will all be straightened out, and I’ll be here all alone, in the clean (we can always hope!!), quiet house.    So, I’m really trying to enjoy each and every moment they are here with me.

Except the screaming ones.  

humor, screaming toddler

Yep, looks just like PP in full voice!

Those I just try to pretend I’m deaf, and block out!!

Sewing Suits

No, not sewing suits as in men’s clothes, sewing suits, as in it suits you to a “T”.    Sewing is suitable for your brain.  There, does that make more sense??   (Shout out to my friends Liz and James Suits!!)

Hey, maybe you should have named this “Sewing Sense”.

NOW ya tell me!!   Where were ya when I was trying to think up a title??

Sewing suits, of course!!

potholder 006

Not changed at all

c pp 319

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         (Old caption.)


My good friend, and new mother Kristen, you probably remember her from Twin Twist, blogged this, and I just HAD to re-blog it!!

Why Sewing is Great for Your Brain!

As if I don’t have enough to do these days (HA!) I’ve been thinking about taking up sewing. Maybe making all the twins outfits. Maybe opening an Etsy shop. Maybe making some cute treasures for friends and family. 


To finish reading, go here:


So what do YOU think? Do you think YOUR brain would be helped by some sewing?



(Hint:  It will!!)


Java Joe Jokes

Combining the 2 names for coffee- is that cheating??   I challenge you to keep coming up with alliterative coffee cackle titles!!

My Sis-in-love, Shirley, has given me some more names, so look for more java jokes down the road!   Also, possibly more joe jokes, as well.    {Gotta cram ’em all in here!!}

slob, humor, coffee meme

Sub chocolate for coffee, and that’s me!


slob, humor, coffee meme

Right, Michelle??

slob, humor, coffee meme

Oh the agony!!


slob, humor, coffee meme

No doubt about it!



coff jesus

It’s hard to read cuz so little, but try anyway!

slob, humor, coffee meme


slob, humor, coffee meme

I feel like there’s a 3rd pic missing…

slob, humor, coffee meme

Don’t they ID in those places????


slob, humor, coffee meme


slob, humor, coffee meme



slob, humor, coffee meme

Me too, with ice cream bars!!


Let’s see what title I brew up next time!


On Anniversaries and Other Life Adventures

This is re-blogged from my friend Claremary!  Happy 16th Anniversary, Clare and Charley!!



Today, August 20th, Charley and I are celebrating our  Wedding Anniversary. He’s gone grocery shopping because he’s planning to make me my favorite meal; the first one he ever cooked fo…

Source: On Anniversaries and Other Life Adventures

Cream Craving

Last week, I wrote about my begging for bars.   But, I didn’t tell the whole story.

Do tell!

Well, I had an inexplicable craving for them.  And, after I finally got my 2 grocery procurement specialists to understand what bars WERE, I kept asking for them.   To the tune of 5 dozen, in as many days.

slob, humor, ice cream bars

YAY! My own pic, finally!!

WHAT??   You ate FIVE DOZEN ice cream bars in FIVE days????

No, of course not!!   Don’t be silly!!   I shared.

Ummm, hmmm.   Exactly how many did you share??   I know you!

Well, uh, um, {stammer} about 6, I think.

About 6?  Or 6??

Well, let’s see, one for the grocery procurement specialist,

Don’t you mean 2?

No, 1 didn’t want any.

Okay, so that’s 1, 5 to go.

And uh, I let PP have some.

Again, I say, how many?

At least 3.

Okay, so that’s 4, not exactly 6!

Oh alright!  I confess!  I ate 4 dozen, and 8 ice cream bars in 5 days!

Melinda!!   That’s not good!

Oh yes, they were!!

Obviously, they contain a heretofore unknown essential vitamin or mineral, necessary for life!

Life in general??

Well, maybe MY life in particular!   Right now, for some unknown reason, I needed those  56 ice cream bars to maintain my health.   Emotional, if not physical!!

Then, on Monday, I asked for another box.  And guess what I got this time??  THIS:

slob, humor, fudge pops

Again, NOT ice cream bars!!

What a travesty!!   Did the guy learn nothing??   He claimed the store didn’t have any bars!   Really???

Whatever.   And he certainly didn’t tell me about THIS:

slob, humor, no sugar fudge pops

NOOOO!!!!! No sugar??? Hardly edible then!

No wonder I didn’t want another one !!   Sneaky Pete!!   Well, that was 1 way to stop me!!

Now. I’m sitting here, thinking, “I’m actually gonna have to go to the store MYSELF!!!”   Oh, the horror!!   Good thing it’s midnight, the closest store is closed, and I don’t have Vanronica!   My scooter ain’t gonna make the 10 mile trip to Publix!   (Then again, how do I really know, if I don’t try????)

Tomorrow is only a day away!!   Actually, morning is only 6 hours away!!   Maybe I can wait that long!!