Publix Pilgrims

I know, I know.  Thanksgiving was a week ago, already.  But, clearance sales have me thinking about it again already!!

Publix is my favorite store!!   If you don’t have them where you live, I am so, so sorry.   They are only the best grocery store in the world!!!!  First of all, because they are a home town store that made good.  Second, they have EXCELLENT customer service!!  They even followed me around pushing my buggy one time, when I was on the electric scooter, and was buying more than the little basket could hold.   Third, when they have BOGOs, and there is a manufacturer’s coupon, AND they have a store coupon- MAGIC happens!   One time I got a whole cart of groceries, and they PAID me $10!!!   That high lasted a long time!!

Ok, back to my topic, Thanksgiving.  I bought a Pilgrim platter,


On each side is a Pilgrim, 1 guy, and on the other side, the girl.  So cute!  And matching salt and pepper shakers:


Uh oh!  She turned her head, looks like she’s mad!  Burnt turkey in the Pilgrim household tonight!

This year, they even came out with the kids’ set, “The Lilgrims”!!!  That is just too precious!!



Look, the girl’s a redhead!  Reminds me of PP, when she was born!!

Okay, now you know what’s gonna be on our table next year!   If you live near a Publix, and don’t have these, run! don’t walk! to get your own!  The salt shaker sets are half off, and the platter was 66% off!!!!   Going fast!

Your table scape will thank you!










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