All Things Purple

make all things purple  This is one of my fondest wishes.  Not that I’m crazy about it, or anything.  (Yes, they did use me as the model for this pix, but what’re you sayin?)

AS you might imagine, I have lots of purple things in my house.  Nah, really?  (Why, oh why, don’t we have a sarcasm font yet??)

Kitchen things:

Refridge Magnets

Refridge Magnets

Yes, I’m aware that it’s pretty egotistical to have my own pic on my fridge.. But, hey, if I don’t love myself, who will?  I made the pansy cross stitch, way back in the day.



dish towel,

measuring cup,

ice cream scoop,




20150311_151753 cookie jar

20150318_131238 cannisters

20150311_151809  pretty flower, just to cheer me up.


medium Tupperware bowl;

dish cloth

Non kitchen stuff:

My Bible

slob, humor, Bible

My latest, and newest favorite


Key and key carabiner, (thank you Sweet Friend!)


Metro bag,

Publix bag, (so glad to see that stores finally caught onto the fact that purple is Pretty!)




sunglasses, (my whole new Spring wardrobe, right there)

slob, humor, sunglasses

Spring Wardrobe from Anonyomous


Are you gagging  from all the purple yet??

Okay, okay, I’ll quit.  But you get the idea!  Nearly everything in my house is purple, that I can get my hands on.  Still working on a Comfortable, purple recliner!

I did NOT intend to publish this yet!  Oh, well.  You’ll just have to suffer through it when I finish it for real, and re-publish.  Mea culpa

26 thoughts on “All Things Purple

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