Sweet, Sweet, Sweets

slob, humor, sweets!

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Divinity is divine!!                    

You won’t believe this, I looked up “Purple fudge” and they had a pic!      It did NOT look edible! lol  

slob, humor, sweets

google image

I’m sure I could find other purple candies, but I’m too hungry now to keep looking!       Excuse me while I go into a sugar coma.

Sweet, sweet, SWEETS!!    YES!      Christmas is the sweetest time of year!!

But what about Easter??       Valentine’s Day??       That October holiday you don’t like to talk about???


Cross image- blaircandy.com                                                       peeps- pinterest.com

slob, humor, candy


Okay, okay, Christmas is ONE of the sweetest times of the year.      Can we agree on that??

(Thinks it over, nods.)        Whew!      Glad we got THAT settled!      I didn’t realize I’d need hostage negotiation skills just to write a post today!

Now that I’ve snapped outta my sugar coma, what were we talking about??

Christmas being sweet.        Oh yeah, thanks!         I’ve already dedicated a whole post to Mama’s pecan pie.      slob, humor, nom nom nom   

 (Oh no, there I go slobbering all over the keyboard again!)

Another sweet that I miss, Grandma’s egg custard pie.  

slob, humor, sweets









Since she’s gone, no one else really has the heart to make it.any more.    slob, humor, sad         So, I go get one from Publix, as a sad, sad, substitute.      And cry into my Sprite, as I gobble the whole thing down in 1 sitting.

Fruitcake- now that is 1 thing I don’t miss!      Though I must admit, Grandma’s was pretty good, as fruitcakes go!        It was moist, not a door stopper at all!

slob, humor, sweets


This is probably a good place for this.                           slob, humor, dessert meme

Lol, in other words, Desserts take the cake, if you’re stressed!

One candy I haven’t had in years, was homemade by a Greek family, that was in one of our churches.     Every year they made red, and green candy, that looked like colored glass.     I wish I could remember the name of it!       (Oh, Ma-ma!!)

Mama says it was called “Kallacarenes Kandy”.       (That was the name of the family- how did that happen??)      slob, humor, winky   Then she asked, “Why?    Are you gonna try to make some??”       Boy, we had a good belly laugh about that!!

Since it looked like broken glass, I looked that up, and lo and behold- that’s the name!

slob, humor, candy


The red is cinnamon, well, guess I won’t be having any of that!        The green was mint.

I talked about so much sweet stuff, I’m craving salty now.     Off to the kitchen to lick some saltines.


28 thoughts on “Sweet, Sweet, Sweets

  1. Oh Melinda, I love your posts, you bring me so much joy and laughter, yet also you capture a wonderful poignancy as you share your memories of loved ones. My dear Granny also used to make egg custard pies!! And nobody else does now either…we can buy them though. That Greek candy looks incredible, and as for fruit cake, it is very traditional over here for Christmas, but more dense, not with the cherries or the green stuff – angelica, I think? – but with raisins and sultanas. I gave up making them years ago, me and hubby are the only ones who like it! I cheat and buy a very small cake. But I do love all the yummy fudge and chocolates…mint being my favourite. But purple fudge? Wow…you are wise not to touch that! You crack me up, love it!!! And who knew that stressed is desserts spelled backwards? Haha…makes perfect sense! Merry Christmas to you and your family my dear friend, and a Happy New Year filled with joy, peace, love, every blessing…and of course, lots of sweets! See you in 2017 🙂 ❤ xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ha ha, simply had to be a cluster of purple candies….which is most serendipitous as I just devoured a chocolate thst was contained in a purple wrapper 🤔

    That said, I’m getting a bit flooded out now….well, maybe one more….a nice toffee this time…

    I digress,

    I hope you had a great Christmas Day and are following it up with a continuation today 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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