Dirty Diapers

Yeah, dirty diapers.  (No visual on that.   You’re welcome!)  Not much else to say.

Okay, well, not much anyway.

I can’t write a post, because I’m knee deep in dirty diapers, undone undies, baby bottles, and sippy cups.  

slob, humor, bottles

The only 2 sippys I could find, and they’re clean. Uh oh, someone’s gonna get a nasty surprise when those chocolate milk ones are found!!

Somewhere under the pile is my used-to-be-my-own life!    But never fear, Super Omie is here!

I love these girls more than my own life.   (OBVIOUSLY!!)  lol

Someday soon, the babysitting will all be straightened out, and I’ll be here all alone, in the clean (we can always hope!!), quiet house.    So, I’m really trying to enjoy each and every moment they are here with me.

Except the screaming ones.  

humor, screaming toddler

Yep, looks just like PP in full voice!

Those I just try to pretend I’m deaf, and block out!!

18 thoughts on “Dirty Diapers

  1. No kids here, but babysitting was my job until I left for college – and I was in charge of my younger siblings since I was 11. I don’t recall the sippy cups so much, but BOY do I remember the dirty diapers and the screaming – even when they’re happy campers they do love to scream. This too shall pass?

    Fortunately, when they are sweet they are very-very sweet, or the race would have died out years ago.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”


      • Thank you for checking, approving & responding AT ALL (so many bloggers don’t respond to comments, as I’m sure you’ve noticed).

        Thanks also for letting me know I was spam trapped. Apparently Akismet is marking comments in error, according to a post I read from a blogger whose comments were ALL marked as spam – so I’ll pay closer attention, thanks to you.

        I get SO much link-spam that I *rarely* have the time to go through it all — over a million since I began. I started out by checking, but it quickly became overwhelming, and the spam-trash rarely contained any legitimate comments.

        What IS it with these spammers? Don’t they have actual lives?

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      • You’re welcome! I usually respond within 3 days or so. And yes, I have noticed!! That’s why I try really hard to make sure I answer! People are kind enough to read, and comment, I need to be considerate enough to answer! I had 53 comments in spam, and only 1 really was. I was very surprised!
        Link-spam? I’m not sure what that is. A million??? Whew! I’d give up too!!
        IKR??!! A few spam comments were hysterical- so OBVIOUS they never read one WORD of my blog!! lol


      • Link-spam: comments that contain nothing but link after link to marketing sites – from people who have signed up as affiliates with a TON of them – some an entire screen-load long, some only a few that seem legit until you check.

        Once they get approved the first time, they have auto-approval on blogs that have it set that way, so they take their chances.

        I’ve been forced to maintain strict approval policies, and warn everyone who wants to leave a legitimate (clickable) link to keep it to one or they’ll be auto-spammed and I’ll never see their comment TO approve.

        And I check before approving. It’s time consuming, but they seem to share (or sell) links to blogs that don’t check. After the few mistakes I made early on, link-spam increased dramatically. When in doubt, I approve, but edit to remove their links (letting them know I did and why).

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