Strawberry Sickness

part 1, Strawberry City, part two, Man Giant, part three, Strawberry Banquet, part four, Strawberry Love, part five, Strawberry Slush

she has The Tired Disease.

So. Very. Tired.

So. Very. Tired.

That’s the reason she can’t do anything but lay on the couch.  So, the Dr. starts Strawberry Girl on Tired medicine.

She begins to feel better.  Finally!   She takes the girls on adventures,


and makes friends.  She learns how to do some many new things, like quilting, making Tundraberry Jam, and weaving baskets.  Strawberry Girl even starts working part time, to fund her Coca Cola habit.

Man Giant was so happy, and relieved that Strawberry Girl seems to be recovering.

But, the messes and clutter begin creeping back in again.  Strawberry Girl feels helpless, and hopeless.

She takes dancing lessons


to make herself feel better.    But that plan backfired.  After dance lessons, some of her new friends went to the bar, to dance.  While they were there, it was inevitable that they began drinking.  Strawberry Girl didn’t drink.  But, everyone offered to buy her a drink.

So, she decided to try a Fuzzy Navel.


Big mistake.

1 drink lead to 2, 2 lead to 5, and 5 lead to constant drinking every weekend, after dance class.

Strawberry Girl became ……

To Be Continued


31 thoughts on “Strawberry Sickness

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