Strawberry Daiquiri

Part 1, Strawberry City, part 2, Man Giant, part 3, Strawberry Banquet, part 4, Strawberry Love, part 5, Strawberry Slush, part 6, Strawberry Sickness.

an alcoholic.


She didn’t know that her dad had been an alcoholic, when he was younger.  But, thank God, he got saved and delivered.  Unfortunately, Strawberry Girl kept on drinking.

Once again, Man Giant was being sent over seas, for his job.  This time to the Land of Heather.

Strawberry Girl would not go, so she and the 2 girls moved back to Strawberry City.

Things didn’t get any better there.  In fact, they got worse.

One night, after drinking, the Strawberry Girl didn’t come home.  She was missing a whole weekend.  So, her parents contacted Man Giant, and he was able to return home on Emergency Leave.

When Strawberry Girl turned up, she confessed everything to Man Giant.  Together, they decided she needed professional help.  So, she went to the mental hospital for 3 weeks.


In the hospital she discovered she also had major depression, besides her Tired disease, and her alcoholism.  The first person she met was also named Strawberry Girl.  The other Strawberry Girl had teeth missing, she looked twice her age, and had her children taken away.  Our Strawberry Girl felt like she was looking in a mirror of the future. That sobered her up, really quick like. She cried out to God, and promised with His help, she’d never drink again.  And she never did.

But!  That didn’t cure her messes, and clutter problem, or her depression, or her Tired disease.  Those just kept getting worse.

Man Giant had to leave her again, to go back to the Land of Heather.


Strawberry Girl didn’t handle this absence any better, she just did it sober.

When Man Giant came home again, he realized that sadly, he had to

To Be Continued……



19 thoughts on “Strawberry Daiquiri

  1. I deployed three times between 05 and 11, but fortunately, my wife had a lot of loving folks to help her with the boys and to keep her occupied in a caring community. I pray the same for so many others.

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