MY newest new place!

Finally!  After OVER a month!  Here are the pix of my newest new place!  Just the outside, though.

2 plants front of trailer

Part of my “Front” garden.




purple passion plant

Purple Passion Plants!

purple flower

Purple Flower


Or wandering Jew, as my SIL calls them.







And yes, that’s the official name. lol  According to me.  It is also the sole occupant of my “Side Garden.”

Those last 2 plants are the 2 I most wanted in my other garden, but never went to the actual trouble of getting any!!  Then, God gave them to me here in my newest home!!  God is so good, all the time!!  He cares about me, and my life, even tiny little details, like what plants I like!


Still working on inside!!  I had the living room, kitchen/dining room party ready for Christmas Eve, but you know what happened 2 days later… yeah, slobbery overran the place.  😦   (Don’t ya love how I blamed the slobbery, instead of myself????)

Anyhoo, back to the pix:

Front views:

flag front window

Flag still flying high!







front entry

Front Entry

Yeah, the recycling can doesn’t look the best there, does it??   sigh   Yet another sign of my laziness.


The carport- duh! there’s Captain Obvious again!


Right side:  

right side trailer central air unit

 Notice the central air unit!!

See that scraggedy bush?  That’s the right side of my “Front Garden”.   It’s a yellow rose bush, which can’t be proven by it now!   But I was excited to see it, because it was Granny’s favorite flower!

I didn’t take a pic of the butterfly sculpture over the carport, because it has already worn out it’s welcome, by just existing!!

Boy, am I cranky or what??? 

I didn’t take any back views, because who wants to see more moldy siding???   Oh, wait, there’s a hand in the back.  “Hi, there. Yes, you, in the multi striped shirt.  You want to see more moldy siding???   Ok, just scroll back up and re-look at those pix there!   Thanks!”

Inside pix to come at a later, undetermined date, when I have the rooms back to non-disaster status.   {Please don’t hold your breath.  Not responsible for any fainting you may incur.}


There you go- Home Sweet Home. Again!  Hopefully Forever this time!  [But not gonna say “Never  Moving Again!!  Because that is the surest way in the world to ensure that I’d be moving again shortly.  Not.Gonna.Happen.]


19 thoughts on “MY newest new place!

  1. I love your pretty purple flowers, but yellow roses are my favourites so looking forward to seeing them when they bloom.
    Glad you are settled in your new home Melinda. Can’t wait to see the inside pics too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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