Laundry Love

Since I’ve moved into my newest new place, I haven’t had any laundry appliances.   Well, I take that back.   The lady left a stackable washer/dryer, that she SAID worked.

slob, humor, washing machine

Mine was not shiny and new like these!


So, of course, since I believed her, I used it.   BIG mistake!   The washer was so outta balance, it flooded the little laundry room closet, and continued on into PP’s play porch.   Oh great!   NOT!!

But, at least the dryer part worked! So, the clothes were clean(ish), and now dry.   So, I mopped up the mess, with some dirty, very handy for that purpose!, towels.   And took the rest to (long-suffering) Sweet Friend’s to finish.

Later, he came over, and disconnected it, then I got a repairman out to look at it.   It was dead as a door nail!   The broken part, was not even manufactured any more.   OF course!!

So, eventually XH pushed it out onto the driveway, so I could call the trash pick up.  To my surprise, a little while later, a guy stops, and asks how much I want for it!   I said free, the washer doesn’t work.  He came back shortly with a truck, and hauled it away!!   YES!!!        fist pump

That’s gonna be one huge paperweight!

So, since the laundry room closet, was now empty, I decided to tidy it up for its new occupant.   (I had faith that there would be one!!)   You probably won’t believe this, but I swept!   Yes, I did!  Me!!

No pix of course.   Do ya know how hard it is to take a selfie whilst holding a broom??   Let’s just say, where was a selfie stick when I needed one??


And here is my brand new, thanks to sweet Sissy, washing machine!!  

slob, humor, laundry

My new washing machine


Yay for having a working laundromat in my own place again!!   (It’s been a long 11 months of hauling hampers, folks!!)

And the hampers still love to eat my stinky clothes!

I’m good, just as long as the dryer doesn’t eat them!   The hampers always cough them back up!!


20 thoughts on “Laundry Love

  1. I just got a new washer and dryer also. Hubby says if he knew it would’ve made me this happy he would’ve done it sooner. LOL Who knew?

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  2. It’s good that you managed to get rid of the old one in the end. I still think it’s a shame you didn’t consider the paperweight idea, though. I’m certain if you’d used it, the paper underneath would not have been going anywhere. 🙂

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