Heave Ho Hamper

Well, I gave another hamper the old heave ho today.   YAY ME!!

Ironically, it’s a hamper I didn’t even realize I still HAD!   XH got the clothes outta the dryer for me last Mon. (due to my fall the Fri before, I was still in AGONY!)    And in he comes with a white hamper full of clothes.   I said “Where did you get that?”     (Did I think he went out and bought it, just to bring in the clothes?????)   He said, “It was out there.”   Meaning, in the workshop, where the dryer is located, and that I avoid like the plagues of Egypt!

So, since PP was always leaving her bath toys scattered around, I got the bright idea

slob, humor, idea

Oh how I WANT to have purple hair! (again)

to use it as a catchall.   That worked perfectly!

slob, humor, basket

An idea that worked!! Hurray!!

(Now I can see that it also served as a paperweight for her dirty clothes.    I guess she was nervous they’d run away??    DD1 gave her the bath, I was napping!)

Except, it was so big for the space, I kept bumping into it, when I washed my hands.

BUT!!   Yesterday, while I was at Dollar Tree, I had the foresight to actually think of the problem, and problem solve, all on an empty stomach!!

So, here’s the solution to the “Basket too big I bump into it” problem.

slob, humor, basket

Ta Da!! Even more perfecter!

That rarely happens!!

To show you how much skin my shins have saved, I mean space:

slob, humor, 2 baskets

Yay for saving the shins! I mean space!

Heave ho, hamper!!

slob, humor, basket

Buh-bye big, bulky basket!

And oh yeah, just to show you I finished off the area:

slob, humor, laundry hamper

I even let her clothes run into the dirty hamper!! Good job!!


Another problem solved by PurpleSlob!   Coming to a house in your neighborhood soon!    (If you follow my blog.   I ain’t showing up in person!    Unless you really WANT me to!   How many milkshakes will you buy me??    I mean sugar free milkshakes??)


14 thoughts on “Heave Ho Hamper

  1. Ok, I made it through the whole post and read every link. It only took me about 45 minutes or so. They say the average stay at a blog is 15 seconds. I’ve gone a little overboard. I’m a fast reader and a fast typist, but that gives you an idea of how long people could stay on your blog just to follow up on every post link. I did not follow the links on any other post, though so that I could keep my experiment clean. 🙂

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