Chinese Choice

Neighbor Jeanette, and I went to a Chinese buffet for lunch.    I chose oranges for dessert rather than ice cream! Maybe I am growing up after all!

(I had even taken a pic, and everything.   Then I somehow majorly messed up with being delete happy, and a LOT of them disappeared.    And yeah for the restore button in the recycle bin!    But boo, ya hafta use it before they get written over, or the ink fades, or whatever mystery happens.)

(This was started about 3 months ago, and left mouldering on the editing floor.   EWW!)

Michelle was visiting Mama, and they invited me over for fried chicken and okra. Regretfully I declined.   Tho, I hated to like the dickens!!    I know!!   Can you believe how good I was being???     Maybe next time she can use pecan flour???   That would probably taste good!   Right??


I’d been craving Chinese for 2 weeks.

How had I managed w/o any crab rangoons??

I’d practically LIVED off them in Feb and March!   When I was in full out, “I hate everyone, if you ask me one more time if I should eat that, I keel you” mode.

I was back up on the gf horse, but not purely.   Dragging my feet a little, well, more than just a little, to tell the truth.

But I WAS throwing away the  buns off cheeseburgers, no noodles, cake, or bread.   See?   I was doing good!   No bread!   No cake!   Yay me!

But, not checking too closely into gravy- which I’m pretty SURE has gluten, but if I didn’t ask… whatever…

And only 1 plate full!   Full to overflowing but whatever- only 1 plate full!

Thank goodness for rice noodles!!  







My choice to stop the g makes me feel so much better!

And when I go strictly gf, instead of just bread, noodles, cake free, I’ll feel even better, and lose more weight!

And eat broccoli!   Lots of broccoli!


(Now quit asking me when that’s gonna happen!!    Trust me, I’ll let you know!

10 thoughts on “Chinese Choice

  1. Those noodles look delicious – I love Chinese food but they put so much junk in ours in the UK, I always get a Mono Sodium Glutamate hangover the next day. I end up retaining a ton of water and have a raging thirst along with a headache. I’m guessing there was no purple food? 🙂
    Keep up with the good work of dodging desserts!

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  2. I love a bit of Chinese food too, and Japanese. I like to fake my own with a bit of meat and vege fried up in sesame oil, add a bit of mungbean (cellophane) noodles, and toasted sesame seeds. Never fails to be super yummy. Add some light soy sauce for flavour and colour. It’s the toasted sesame seeds that take the whole dish to the next level of yummo.

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