Cheesy cake

Making a GF cheesecake!!  Yummy!! Can’t wait!  Hurry fingers, hurry!

Here’s what not to do, when separating out the egg whites:



Grease the pan.  Maybe this should have come first??


Dry ingredients:

(Shopping for almond flour is expensive!!)

20150520_101811Mixing all ingredients.

20150521_220336Here’s where I got the recipe.

Party in my mouth!

Gluten free.


Enjoyed by all.  After they got over the shock of it actually tasting good!

Only appliances needed; mixer and oven.

It’s work, but well worth it.    Food = happiness!

20150516_163648Bet you want some Smell-O-Vision today, huh??  😉


26 thoughts on “Cheesy cake

    • Oh, the almond flour was just fine. Yes, it puffed up, and deflated a little, not bad. But it really tasted good!
      (Of course at that time, I hadn’t had ANY sugar for 4 weeks, so maybe….) Just kidding! Even the guinea pig, uh, I mean my brother, said it tasted good! (Possibly because I had his arm twisted behind his back???)
      Try it! You might like it!

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