Steering Steady

I feel good today.   I’m so glad.   Last night I was so overwhelmed, and exhausted, I was considering taking myself to the hospital again.   I have told my counselor repeatedly, that I will never go back there again.   (Uh oh, remember when I said I’d learned NEVER to say never again??   Yeah, about that…)   But, I was so low, that I was bawling for about an hour.   I called my Sis in love, Shirley, and she talked me off the ledge once again.   (The first time she talked me out of killing myself, was before I even met her in person.   My brother did good, real good.)   I wasn’t suicidal last night, but seriously considering going to the hospital is bad, real bad.   Anyway, she said I needed time for myself, to have a life, and get out and meet people.   That sounded like a real good idea.   Shirley is one smart cookie.   That reminds me, I’m hungry…

I didn’t have Vanronica, but since it was such lovely weather, I hopped on my scooter, and away I flew rolled to the store, to get some more ice cream bars.   What??  Ice cream bars are people too, right??   And, I met a new cashier, so that was getting out and meeting someone.    

Not what she meant, Melinda.


No.   She meant like, a man person, ya know, a potential date??

Oh, okay.    Well, let me finish my story then.   I think you’ll approve.

As I rolled through our MH park, eating my i.c .bars, I waved at people, like I always do.   One guy I’d never met before, said “Hi”, and another remark.   So, I stopped, and we started talking.   Now, I’m a talker!   And, apparently so is he.   We talked for an hour!    After admiring the sunset, and learning he lived alone, we sat down in his patio chairs.  (He had been standing, and I was on the scooter, which isn’t the best seat in the house!   OR yard either.)  Eventually we both decided we needed to go.   {I really had to GO!!}    As we stood up, I stuck out my hand to shake.  

slob, humor, man

My new friend.



He shook his head, “Nope, I’m a hugger.”   So, I got a big ole bear hug!   Then I asked for another, please!   He was only too happy to oblige!

slob, humor, hug

Yeah!! A man hug!!

(These are re-enactments, since my resident photographer was on break at the real first meeting.)


So, now I believe we are going steady!    {That was our first date, right??}   Look for an engagement announcement soon!


Cashew Ka-ching!

Awhile back, I ran into a super duper cashew deal at CVS.   I don’t normally shop there, but it’s sooo close to my house, and, if I buy something, I can get cash back, WITHOUT an ATM fee!!   Soooo, sometimes, I go there.

So, on this particular day, I was craving some ‘shews, ya know, cashews.   (Not to be mistaken for Jimmy Choo’s shoes.)

slob, humor, cashews

Sodium free! YAY!! And gluten free too!!


Then, when I printed out my coupons, I saw a deal appear, right before my very eyes!

slob, humor, receipt

YAY Coupons!!


The cashews were on sale, and I had a $2 nut coupon print out, and I had $2 extra bucks!!

8 1/2 oz of cashews for only $1.49!!    Ka-ching!!    (The sound of coupon, and cashew happiness!!)

Blogger Blessing

Another AWARD!!  Yay me!!   I just love recognition, awards, applause…  basically any attention at all!!   Yep, I’m an attention hound!

Brenda, a new friend at Camellia’s Cottage, nominated me for a second Blogger Recognition Award.  Here’s her link, so you can go visit her.

She’s a true southern lady!   Make sure ya tell her I sent ya, ya hear?

slob, humor, awards

How pretty is this?? Thank you Brenda!



Now, Bloggers – should you choose to accept this award, here are the rules:

  • Write a post to show your award.
  • Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
  • Give a brief story of how you started your blog.
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  • Nominate 15 bloggers who deserve this award.


Well, of course I accept!!   Y’all who know me, know I’m an attention hog fer sure!!

So, here comes #1!!

And this is it!!   Thank you, Brenda, for the nomination!   I’m so glad I found you, and made a new friend!   What a blessing!

Oh wait!  Was that #1, or #2??   Do I have start all over again, cuz I mixed it up??  

gets all in a tizzy, runs around like a chicken with its head chopped off, and faints from the exertion

Well, I was sick (and tired) of having a nasty house, hence the slob part of the name.   And, I love adore  am passionate about the color purple, hence that part of my name.  I was plain sick, too.   Hence the recovery part of the name.   {Are you tired of seeing “hence” yet??}

So, I hunted around Googled “slob”.   ASlobComesClean came up.   Once I read her first post, I was hooked!   I had found my people!   AND, she was a real slob, just like me!   SO, I thought to myself, “Self, if Nony can do it, so can you!”

And here I am, 2 years later, an expert slogger!   {slob blogger, I’m also lazy, so anytime I can make 1 word do, I will!}    (Expert- Bwahaha!   I think I’m so funny!)

slob, humor, appreciation

No, thank YOU!!


I certainly hope that was brief enough to qualify for #3!

#4. Hmmm, give advice…  That sounds so bossy!   And I’m just the woman for the job!!   I’ve been told I’m bossy, ever since Bro. could talk!  So, about 5 decades now!   (But, just cuz it’s repeated {constantly}, doesn’t mean it’s true.   Right?   RIGHT???

      First piece of advice, make sure you really want to do this!!   It sucks all your time!!   But, it’s so rewarding and fun, you don’t care!!   My BBFF (Best Blogging Friend Forever) Janice, assures everyone that we can blog, and still find the time to sleep!!



      Second, and this is IMPERATIVE!!!    Learn how to properly use hyperlinks!!   And use those puppies every opportunity you get!!   {Kinda like I did in this post!!}

Okay, last but not least, name 15 other bloggers to grace with my presence, oops, I mean this award!

Whew! I made it thru the first 4 rules, for me that’s amazing!

Here are my suckers nominees, in no particular order:


Brenda (no, not the same one, but that gives me an idea!) 

slob, humor, idea

Oh how I WANT to have purple hair! (again)








Ethel, I mean Claremary

Romy (a brand new friend!)






Stella (She purfylles my life!)


Susie  (Yes, I can have 2 friends with the same name, even 2 sets of friends with the same names!)



So thrilled!!

I had no idea of this- but I was nominated for a Best Blogger Award!!   And when I tell you it’s an honor just to be nominated, I’m not kidding!!    I’m thrilled!!

Sherri mentioned the 2nd Annual Blogger Bash, in London.   Then she said to go check out Hugh’s post.  And he said, Sacha would have the winners posted on her blog.

So, nosy curious as I am, I went to see who’s who!

And what do I see???   But me!!

Bloggers Bash Awards 2016Ladies and gentleman it has been an honour to host and run the second annual blogger bash awards.

For those of you not able to join us, next week I will post my speech along with links to the masterclass that was presented.

Without further ado, it is time to announce the winners of the 2016 Bloggers Bash Awards.

FunniestFirst in Funniest blogger. The nominees were as follows:

Barb TaubLucy Mitchell (Blonde Write More)Tara SparlingLinda (nutsrok)Ned HicksonMeghan SaraSeumas GallacherBun KaryadoRoss MurrayBeth HaslamAl the AuthorRonnieMarcia MearaDonnaChristian TouchetTim- things as they areTamzen TempleTabbyFiction FanPaul LanderMelinda,

Last, but not least!!   I’m there!!

(And did you notice?   The ribbons are purple too!!   Yipee!!)

My heart is still beating harder in excitement!!    

slob, humor, heart




Why didn’t anybody tell me??

Who did it??   Well, whoever you are that nominated me, THANK YOU!!

Hugs and kisses for you, my mystery fan!!  

slob, humor, love

I love you, my readers!!


I found out who she is!!  Sherri Matthews!!  Thank you Sherri!!

Pin Party !!

Memes Minus Me

So memes minus me, would basically be “mes.”    And mess is what it is right now!   I’m stuck on any other name to call today’s memes.   So, mess it is!

I don’t even have a theme today, either!   Just throwing stuff at you, whatever you laugh at, me happy!    Memes minus a theme, minus a title.   Smh- what a mess.

slob, humor, meme

Me too!! With purple crayons, just like Harold!

slob, humor, cat meme

Why, no! That would be rude!


slob, humor, weather meme

Me either!! Except for me- it’s the heat!

slob, humor, Jesus meme



slob, humor, dog meme

That would be me, if I was a dog!


slob, humor, donation meme

Anybody else??? Oh, just me then.


slob, humor, laundry meme

You got that right!

slob, humor, laundry meme

That’s my plan this Christmas!



That’s my plan this Christmas! ( I do nor KNOW how this happened, but I can’t get rid of it!!)

Lastly , or the last laugh:

slob, humor, meme

Now we know!


Happiness is now within our grasp, at long last!!

Party Time!!  Woot Woot!


Facebook Fore

Ok, since I made such a BIG deal about getting off Facebook, I now need to make a confession.

I have rejoined the unwashed masses, the teeming throngs, the rest of the world.   Yep, I made a new FB account.

slob, humor, facebook

Self explanatory

But, this time I’m using it slightly differently.   I am not accepting the friend requests of every  person I’ve ever spoken to.    I’m not using it to stalk old boyfriends (not that I ever did that….).   

Mostly, I am using it to keep up with my ladies’ group at church, and talk to like minded people.    Not that I want to totally close myself off from other viewpoints.   I just want to enjoy a relaxing social time, on there, without arguing over every single thing I say and do (yes, that happened MORE than once).

AND, I don’t want to have to spend half my time hiding posts, and unfriending people, that post things I think are inappropriate (curse words, anything involving evil spirits, astrology, past lives, etc, etc.  And yes, that happened ALL the time, which led to my getting outta there originally.).

So, now I can have my Facebook, and enjoy it too.

slob, humor, facebook

(If I didn’t friend you, please don’t be mad.   I still like you.)


No sooner had I scheduled this post, than another incidence occurred.   One of my CHURCH ladies posted a funny meme.   I laughed, and liked it.   THEN, I glanced up to see where it was from.   Lo and behold, the website was “F” it, let’s get a beer.   Really????    So, I quickly unliked it, deleted it, sent a screen shot of it to my friend, and told her this is why I have to unfriend you.   I can understand accidentally liking something.   I did it.  I can understand accidentally posting something.    But, PLEASE, I beg you, check it out and delete quickly if necessary!!     No one is perfect.  I KNOW that!   But, if “accidents” keep happening, it’s no longer an accident.

So, is FB too much for me to handle??   Do I just totally need to give it up, like TV??   I don’t wanna, but the hassle is getting to be not worth it AGAIN.   And I just rejoined recently!!


Giddy Googling

May 4, 2016   8:45 pm

I googled “slob” just now, and found my blog mentioned by Purfylle!!!   I couldn’t believe my eyes!!

On the first page of results!!!!

Here’s proof!


Jane Jacobs’ 100th Birthday
About 5,820,000 results (0.37 seconds)
 Search Results
slob, humor, sick

Melinda, the red nosed dear

Whoops!  Wrong face!!

Scootin Scooter

{Ya know what?   It was really hard not to write “Boot” before the scootin, and “Boogie” after!     But, since they didn’t alliterate, I was saved from myself!}

Okay, down to the real reason for this rambling man rhetoric: Scootin my Scooter.  

slob, humor, scooter

Ta-da! My scooter. Yes, you’ve seen it before. And probably will again. When my leg goes out, I’d be crawling on the ground without this baby!


My backrest had broken.   I was inconsolable.    Whenever I leaned back on it, I leaned WAY back!    Like so far back, I was(almost) on my back!   (But did I stop and take a selfie of this horrible state??    I’m sure you can all say it with me: “NOOOOO.”)

Anyway, I was resigned to suffer this torture indefinitely.    [Due to my funds being NOT fluid at present, due to saving for the trip in May to see DD2 graduate as a Doctor!! paying back 2 loans I owe, and having to buy piddley little stuff, like toilet paper, and food! Thankfully neighbor, Jeanette, borrowed it.    The seat got on her nerves so bad, she said “We gotta FIX this!”    Do tell!!    And she is the woman with a plan!    In her shed, she found a board just the right size, cut down a little, painted it for me!!    {Can you guess the color??   I think you can!!}  and bolted it to the supports. 

slob, humor, scooter

My brand new back!!


Aaaahhhhh!   When I rode it today, I thought I’d been upgraded to a luxury scooter!    Amazing what a small thing it takes to make me happy!!    A cushion that sets up straight, instead of sagging?    I’m all kinds of gleeful!!

Now, wonder what I have to do to get shocks on it???

Rose’s Reception

My ex-stepmother, Rose, invited me over for dinner.

(Yes, I know my family is weird.  We’re still friends.)

And to make it even weirder, she invited Sweet friend, and XH to play cards with us.   How’d ya like them apples??




closet under deconstruction

Master carpenter at work! Closet under deconstruction.


(Again, yes I know my family is weird.   The weirdest things were #1  When my Mama was living with me and XH, we invited Rose to live with us, because a hurricane had made her homeless.   They had made friends by then, because Rose was divorced from Dad by that time too.    They called each other ex-wives-in-law!!   And if you think THAT was weird, wait till you hear THIS one!   #2  When Sweet Friend needed a place to stay when he retired from the Navy, XH let HIM live with us!   (No, we weren’t running a hotel, even though you would have thought so!   Rose had already moved out by that point.)

XH was really sweet about letting family live with us, when they needed a home.

Okay, well, this post was supposed to be about dinner and cards at Rose’s.   I got WAY off track there!

Anyway, while Rose was cooking, I texted: “Do ya need any help cooking?”   She knew that was a trick question!

But I did go over early, and set the table.   I helped!

Steak, baked potatoes, (in the microwave because she couldn’t start the gas oven, see? I’m not the only one!), and chicken on the grill.  YUMM!!

Then we played cards.   And I won!  That doesn’t happen very often!!

All in all, a terrific night.

Bathing Buddies

A purple, soaked rug.

humor, soaked bath rug




An abandoned blue duck on it’s side.

humor, deserted ducky

                Darling deserted ducky


Colorful cups half full of water.





humor, blue cup half full of water

And blue makes 2!


A forgotten wash cloth.


Towel tossed on the floor.

humor, towel tossed on floor

Tossed towel.


All these are signs of bathing buddies; PP and her faithful friends, soaking in the happiness.    (See what I did there??)

And water would still be standing there too, if I’d let her leave it!

humor, tub full water

Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink