Memes Minus Me

So memes minus me, would basically be “mes.”    And mess is what it is right now!   I’m stuck on any other name to call today’s memes.   So, mess it is!

I don’t even have a theme today, either!   Just throwing stuff at you, whatever you laugh at, me happy!    Memes minus a theme, minus a title.   Smh- what a mess.

slob, humor, meme

Me too!! With purple crayons, just like Harold!

slob, humor, cat meme

Why, no! That would be rude!


slob, humor, weather meme

Me either!! Except for me- it’s the heat!

slob, humor, Jesus meme



slob, humor, dog meme

That would be me, if I was a dog!


slob, humor, donation meme

Anybody else??? Oh, just me then.


slob, humor, laundry meme

You got that right!

slob, humor, laundry meme

That’s my plan this Christmas!



That’s my plan this Christmas! ( I do nor KNOW how this happened, but I can’t get rid of it!!)

Lastly , or the last laugh:

slob, humor, meme

Now we know!


Happiness is now within our grasp, at long last!!

Party Time!!  Woot Woot!


26 thoughts on “Memes Minus Me

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