Facebook Fore

Ok, since I made such a BIG deal about getting off Facebook, I now need to make a confession.

I have rejoined the unwashed masses, the teeming throngs, the rest of the world.   Yep, I made a new FB account.

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Self explanatory

But, this time I’m using it slightly differently.   I am not accepting the friend requests of every  person I’ve ever spoken to.    I’m not using it to stalk old boyfriends (not that I ever did that….).   

Mostly, I am using it to keep up with my ladies’ group at church, and talk to like minded people.    Not that I want to totally close myself off from other viewpoints.   I just want to enjoy a relaxing social time, on there, without arguing over every single thing I say and do (yes, that happened MORE than once).

AND, I don’t want to have to spend half my time hiding posts, and unfriending people, that post things I think are inappropriate (curse words, anything involving evil spirits, astrology, past lives, etc, etc.  And yes, that happened ALL the time, which led to my getting outta there originally.).

So, now I can have my Facebook, and enjoy it too.

slob, humor, facebook

(If I didn’t friend you, please don’t be mad.   I still like you.)


No sooner had I scheduled this post, than another incidence occurred.   One of my CHURCH ladies posted a funny meme.   I laughed, and liked it.   THEN, I glanced up to see where it was from.   Lo and behold, the website was “F” it, let’s get a beer.   Really????    So, I quickly unliked it, deleted it, sent a screen shot of it to my friend, and told her this is why I have to unfriend you.   I can understand accidentally liking something.   I did it.  I can understand accidentally posting something.    But, PLEASE, I beg you, check it out and delete quickly if necessary!!     No one is perfect.  I KNOW that!   But, if “accidents” keep happening, it’s no longer an accident.

So, is FB too much for me to handle??   Do I just totally need to give it up, like TV??   I don’t wanna, but the hassle is getting to be not worth it AGAIN.   And I just rejoined recently!!


26 thoughts on “Facebook Fore

  1. Yeah, I cannot be on Facebook or have a television either. I just end up angry. I think Facebook became much worse after I left it 6 or so years ago – it became even more like an overwhelming barrage of information. I figure I talk to the important people in my life by phone or in person. You have my support if you get rid of it again or want to chuck the computer out the window.

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  2. You can set your privacy settings really high so that you don’t get certain items. Also, I am careful to read who the original sender was before I even look at the meme, video or whatever it is first. If I don’t like the source, I don’t look at the content. But things have slipped through even with my best intentions and no one thinks less of me if they saw it before I deleted it. I am sorry this is stressing you so much.

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  3. I agree with your convictions my dear Melinda! I do not want to promote a FB page that posts astrology, New Age, reincarnation and the eastern religions that believe it as well as other rude posts. It is not that I am intolerant or hateful, but rather that I cannot promote a belief that I do not agree with and goes against my convictions. And, yeah, I am intolerant of evil and degenerate behaviour (love the sinner, hate the sin).

    Blogging is more creative and rewarding!!

    Thank you for being my friend and the blessing you are to me!!

    ❤ carmen

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  4. My first time on Face Book was an accident. I wrote one of my first posts about it. I stayed on for a year and got off due to so much ridiculous posturing and competing for “who has the best boyfriend, girlfriend, house, vacation,body, children, car, parents, life…(you get the picture) ever?” I rejoined a while back because my pastor asked me to join the Church’s page and then I joined the RI writer’s page. SO, I’m back on but I only go there to check out those two pages.Good luck, Lucy!

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