Timed Tidy

Dishes.   Again.   sigh

dirty dishes for timed tidy

Starting point for Timed Tidy.


Won’t they ever go away???    Well, depends, Melinda.   How often do you plan to eat in the future??

This time, I timed how long it took me to tidy the kitchen.    Tidy sounds so much more fun than clean!!    Doesn’t it??

Well, Actually I timed how long it took me to do a drainer full of dishes.   Can’t do it all in one day, I might give myself a stroke!!   Then where would y’all go for your daily dose of purple crazy???  See, I’m pacing myself for y’all!!!   Ain’t I considerate???


So, here is the result for 1 sink full of dishes.

sinkfull of clean dishes for Timed Tidy

First load. (Pretending I have a dishwasher!) I do- me!!


3 minutes.   Wha????    Really??  THREE WHOLE minutes???   Wow, I’m a speed wash champion!!

But, that didn’t take into account the FIVE minutes it took to clean out the plug thingy for PP‘s sippy cup.

sippy cup strainer

Sippy cup thingy that stops it from leaking. What DO ya call it??


Those suckers are horribly hard to clean, if ya don’t rinse them out right away!    And how applesauce (looked like)  got in there, I’m really too afraid to ask!   Just clean it, and move on!

toothpick full of gunk from sippy cup strainer

Toothpick full of gunk from the sippy strainer thingy.


{Sorry it’s so blurry.   I have yet to perfect my photog skills.    Maybe for my 5 year blogaversary, I’ll take a class????   We can only hope!!}



I had to use 2 toothpicks, and much patience, and lots of rinsing to pry out all the gunk.   I hope I got enough out to keep her from catching salmonella and dying!!   Please God!

So now that I can reasonably assume it’s safe once again for PP to drink outta her own cup, I need to get busy on the rest of the kitchen counter.  

 Aww, who am I kiddin??    EIGHT WHOLE minutes of real work wore me out for today!    {That’s on top of having PP all night, and her being awake from midnight to 4 am.    I thought they started sleeping thru the night sometime???? }    And it being Daylight Savings, and making it to the late service, stopping at the store for strawberries, and her obligatory apple  (thank goodness she still thinks they are the best treat ever!!).    Then going back to get her at 6pm, due to an emergency with the neighbor, {she’s fine, thanks}, not being able to get back in when we got home, due to the porch lock falling out into my hand when I tried to open it, waiting for XH to come and figure out how to let us in, {he went thru the workshop door, which I NEVER lock, thank GOD!!, and opened the door, by beating on it or something.) feeding her supper, giving PP a bath and washing her hair, taking her home at 10, after convincing her that YES, you have to wear clothes, AND shoes!! whew! I’m re-wearing myself out again, just typing all this! 

Anyway, so the rest of the story will come later….  Stay tuned!!

Update:  Shirley, my sweet sis, told me that sippy cup thingy is called a “valve”.   Thanks, Sis!

29 thoughts on “Timed Tidy

  1. hi Melinda, how are you ?
    My first impulse was to write to you that I am sending all my unwashed dishes to you, so you could do as good a job with them as you did with yours. I withdrew that thought from my mind as soon as it came, because you would then think me mean. And I don’t want to lose one of my good blog friends just because I can’t keep control of my thoughts.
    Melinda, great going and PP is going to love her clean cup.

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  2. Melinda, you must have the patience of a saint to go at that sippy cup thingie with a tooth pick.
    I was doing similar, but not nearly as difficult. I use a “neti pot” to clean my sinuses (I swear it keeps me well.) Mine looks a lot like a little white porcelain Aladin’s lamp. They can get mold inside all the little places the water flows through, because it’s so hard to dry them. So you have to keep an eye on those places inside them. I was wishing for a “real” pipe cleaner. I can’t remember the last time I saw any. I’ll put it through the dish washer (i mean sterilizer, since that’s about all it does), just to make sure it’s really clean. Mega hugs!

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  3. Oh Melinda, you always make me smile! I love your posts and sense of humor and the way you tell a story with the simplest things in life. You have a gift and I treasure that. Keep it up girl!

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  6. I love the fact that you have got so many purple dishes! I bet PP is pleased her sippy cup is nice and clean, you did a fine job. I am not surprised you had enough of tidying after doing all those dishes and it sounds like you had a busy night too! 🙂

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