Christian Crack-ups

Once again, it’s Monday!    Time for your weekly dose of laughter.   Someone, (Anne, I’m looking at you) asked for more Chicken Chuckles.   Working on it, promise!

Meantime, hope everyone enjoys these Christian crack-ups.   I know I did!

disciple figures out 70x7

Don’t worry, I needed a calculator too!


Adam Eve didn't read apple terms a


feel Holy Spirit first time

Ya wanna tell EVERYBODY!!

don't know want study Bible or devotional Bible

Oh the agony of decisions!

Stephen curtis chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman

put Christ back in Christmas and Christians

Ouch, this might be too true to be funny.

Christian dudes post like chicks


Apostle Paul I Timothy women submit men lead out window

Yup, about the way it goes.

Christmas Eve

Say who??


sea Galilee only gal-I-see

Groan. #lamepickuplines



shock parents go church

Hee hee


where's Luke right after Mark

Caught the Star Wars fans, AND the Christians! All in one meme!


guard Lord over mouth baby used toilet plunger

Well, that’s certainly ONE way to do it!


Steve Harvey names Jesus John Baptist



already started eating says let's pray

Just bow your head, and be quiet!!


That’s all for now.    Happy Monday!    See ya tomorrow!


12 thoughts on “Christian Crack-ups

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