FB Fiend

Oops! I meant Friend, friend!!

One of my friends just posted one those memes, Who are your 7 dwarves?

I was her Grumpy.  I thought, Wow! How did they know????

Purplelinda is Grumpy Dwarf

Who me???

(Sorry for the bad quality of the picture.  I couldn’t get it to save the image, so I had to snap it with my phone, and it wouldn’t focus.  NO, it couldn’t possibly be operator error!!)

And in case you’re trying to figure out, “What in the world IS that??”  It’s my arm, covered with stickers, and PP‘s hand, applying more.



I’ve been Grumpy for a long time. Poor Mama was scared to come wake me up, cuz it was like trying to rouse a hibernating bear.  Lots of roaring, growling, and much showing of sharp teeth and claws.

And even now, though I have matured soooo much, {quit laughing!!} I’m still grumpy, when I don’t get a nap.  Or get woken up from one.

PurpleSlob sad face

At least it’s not my name, like Judy’s husband!!   Lol!!  Poor guy!

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