Mighty Mite

PP (my 2 year old grand daughter) is a Mighty Mite!  Last week, she saw all the “pwesents” in her room, and kept bringing them to the tree, as many as she could load in her arms, at once!   “Heaby”, she’d say.

Such a good helper!   Then, Christmas morning, after we gathered up all the trash, which she helped with, she carried 2 bags of trash out!!  Not at once, but it wasn’t for lack of trying!!  That really was too “heaby”, even for her super strength!!


And there it sits to this day, (Saturday 26th).  Let’s hope since Monday is trash day, that’ll be gone by then!!  {Hope springs eternal!}


I love that baby!!

pink new born baby

Sweetest thing on earth!

Unfortunately, not the real PP.  DD1 has a “No web exposure” rule.  And after hearing some scary stories, I abide by it.  Even though I’d LOVE to show her to y’all!!   She is really is the prettiest baby on earth!!   Not that I’m prejudiced at all!!




She will always be first in my heart, since she’s the first grand.  That doesn’t mean I won’t love PP Jr just as much when s/he gets here in April!!

30 thoughts on “Mighty Mite

  1. I love toddler/preschooler speak! There’s nothing cuter. I also wanted to tell you that you’re a good grandma. We also have a no pictures online (of the kids) policy and it means a lot to us that their grandparents will comply – even though we know they’re dying to show off pictures of their grandkids and they can do so with their other grandkids whose parents are cool with it.

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    • Oh, thanks so much, Jenny! That means a lot to me. But, some of your kids are in some of your photos??? Ooooh, but usually the backs of their heads. I see, said the blind man. lol
      It’s soooo hard sometimes!! I want everyone to see her gorgeousness!! But, not at the expense of her safety. So I take a pix of her on my phone, and share it by showing to my Mama! lol


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