Memes Minus Me

So memes minus me, would basically be “mes.”    And mess is what it is right now!   I’m stuck on any other name to call today’s memes.   So, mess it is!

I don’t even have a theme today, either!   Just throwing stuff at you, whatever you laugh at, me happy!    Memes minus a theme, minus a title.   Smh- what a mess.

slob, humor, meme

Me too!! With purple crayons, just like Harold!

slob, humor, cat meme

Why, no! That would be rude!


slob, humor, weather meme

Me either!! Except for me- it’s the heat!

slob, humor, Jesus meme



slob, humor, dog meme

That would be me, if I was a dog!


slob, humor, donation meme

Anybody else??? Oh, just me then.


slob, humor, laundry meme

You got that right!

slob, humor, laundry meme

That’s my plan this Christmas!



That’s my plan this Christmas! ( I do nor KNOW how this happened, but I can’t get rid of it!!)

Lastly , or the last laugh:

slob, humor, meme

Now we know!


Happiness is now within our grasp, at long last!!

Party Time!!  Woot Woot!


More Mammal Memes

Okay, more animal love memes.

cat has long hair on legs

Seriously, dude!!

mom gripping kid's arm in public

Oh yeah! Mama had it down to a science!!


windows aren't dirty. it's dog nose art

Ewww! Just ewwww!

dog's name is get down no

Hi! I’m PurpleSlob! Nice ta meet ya!

don't care who dies in movie as long as dog lives

Okay, that’s just mean- to the humans!

snapchat makes dog look like dug from up

I don’t know. I didn’t see the movie. Is this funny??



death ray of light kills dogs

RIP doggies, RIP.



Alright, show’s over.  Go home!!   (Anyone else remember Tracey Ullman??)




“Doggy Did Dit.”

(Title quote credit to PP.)

It was the best of days, it was the worst of days.  Why?  Well, let me just entertain you with my pain.

I went to help my Sister clear the way for new furniture. Yay new furniture!  Everything was humming along, but I was getting tired.

As I went thru the dining room, suddenly her dog decided that he needed to occupy the EXACT SAME SPACE as ME, THAT SECOND!  AS you know from my pix, there is NOT a thigh gap between my legs!  Not even a tiny one.  And her dog isn’t tiny!  Did I mention he’s a HUGE 100 pound Rottweiler??  (He thinks he’s still a puppy lap dog, too!)  So, as you might expect, I hit the deck.  Not with an exclamation of joy, either.


Not actually Ranger.


So, as I lay there, stunned, my sister is frantically checking me out.  

“Can you hear me??  How many fingers am I holding up??  Are you bleeding??”

Yes, I can hear you loud and clear- you’re shouting in my ear!  And, I’d be able to see better if your fingers weren’t in my eyes!

JK, she was not shouting, and not poking me in the eye either.  But it sounds funnier than the truth.

Thank God, I was not broken, or bleeding.  I did give myself a good jolt, and some pretty purple bruises will be blooming tomorrow, I feel confident!  And, oh- how I wanted to kick that dog!!

But how can you be mean to him, when he just looks up at you so adoringly and says, “Hey, that game was fun, let’s do it again!!”

rottweiler face