Mama Mia

My Mama- so many memories…

mama me(She always has bright ideas!!)

Also known as “Grandmama”.

shower(Notice how I made sure to post the pix with me in them??)

We were poor growing up, but not as poor as her family.  They were dirt poor.

Chaney Siblings

Chaney Siblings, 5 out of the 11

It’s funny, my Sis, the baby of the family, never knew we were poor!  Brother says all we ever had to eat was beans!

Mama was a young wife, mother,  homemaker, teacher, driver, police officer! (more for Brother, than us girls! HA, don’t let me fool ya!), seamstress, head cook and bottle washer.

black eggsNo, her food isn’t rotten!  WE requested black deviled eggs for Brother’s 50th Birthday!

And she ALWAYS make biscuits, or hoecake, every day!  And a lot of times dessert daily, too.  (Where were you for that, Brother??  In his defense, we did eat an inordinate amount of beans.  They were cheap.)

But she was NOT a dumb bunny!  She loved to read, and instilled that in us.  Also, she raised us to expect to go to college, as a matter of course.  She never had a chance to go, as a young ‘un, but she wasn’t going to let anything stand in our way!  Sis and I both graduated from Southeastern University, straight out of high school.  Then a wonderful thing happened!  Mama quit her job, sold her house, and went off to college at 55 years old!   While she was there, she became an author, in the school’s publications.  We were all so proud!  She was the oldest student in her graduating class, and as she crossed the stage, she received a standing ovation!!

(No, I don’t have a pic of that, unfortunately.)

Then Brother got on board, and went to our Alma Mater.

When she graduated, she became an English Teacher in China, and a missionary.  God had called her as a missionary when she was 12 years old, and she had begun to think it was too late.  God always carries out His plans.

Now she’s a licensed minister, with the Assemblies of God.  And she speaks at Christ Cafe, about once a month.

Mama speaking at Christ Cafe

Mama speaking at Christ Cafe

Go, Mama! She amazes me with all she has accomplished in her life!

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