All Aglow

Okay, since the winning pic got it’s own post, and LBeth got her requested post, when is the runner-up gonna get it’s own post? Huh?  Ya predjuiced against glow sticks, er summin??

Alright, Alright, quit nagging!  Sheesh!

Here is the behind the scenes story of Me-All Aglow.

It was Brother’s Big Black Birthday Bash:  Farewell to his Youth.  His youth is DEAD>  Did I mention he is officially OLD now?

Sister and I planned big ole black funeral party, for his 50th.

Decorations, even the food had to be black.  Remember the black eggs???

eating black eggs

Dutifully eating the “rotten” eggs.

(I know I’ve written about them before, I just can’t remember where.  Sieve brain.  Don’t make fun, you’ll get old one day.

I finally remembered!  Yay me!  Go here.)

brother's 50th birthday bash

WE even went so far as to order request that everyone wear black.

Sis had glow sticks for everyone.  And of course, since I can NEVER be like everyone else, I wore mine as a necklace, AND earrings!

glow earrings necklace

me all aglow

I wanted to make rings, a bracelet, AND a headband too, but Sis whined something about, “Melinda, you can’t take them all.  There’s other people here too!”


Did I mention the temp tats?  See the star on my cheek?  We wanted to really blow it out for his 50th.

(Poor guy, as the middle child, he never had any parties.  Yeah, right, like he was the only one who had to eat beans everyday, while we ate steak.  snicker, snicker)

Anyway, they had to be temp tats, cuz the real ones HURT!!!

strawberry tattoo

Strawberry tat, that was NOT kissed on by a kitten.

 And the tat parlor refused to tattoo him, while he was still tied up.    What?  Like you’ve never tied up your little brother and tried to tattoo him???

two uses tuesday

59 thoughts on “All Aglow

  1. Black theme party 😛 sounds nice …but rotten eggs 😀 you got too far with this 😉 did you really ate those ?? anyways i loved your creativity when you made necklace and earrings of those glowing sticks 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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