Holiday Hahas

Here we are 15 weeks later, and I’m still going strong with the Monday memes.   Sarah Eliza, you created a monster!  Ha ( how many ha-s do you have to have for it to be hahas??)

On to the laughing.


ready for Jesus' birthday, humor

How many candles is it this year??

humor, monks changing Stonehenge daylight savings time

That’s a holiday, right?? A nightmare holiday, maybe!


humor, Facebook post reminds wish happy birthday



humor, kid can't sleep on new year's

ALL parents can relate to this! Might not be so funny either.


humor, plan own surprise party

Yup, I’m getting there!

Hmmm, that’s 3 birthday memes.  Maybe I should have named this one “Birthday Bwahahahas”???

humor, kid plays with box, not present

True story.

humor, Thanksgiving whole family together without police

Or is that just MY family??


humor, pretend Valentine's from Biblical times

Biblical Valentine’s!



Done??  Belly muscles sore yet??  If not, I need to do better about finding funnier material!!

17 thoughts on “Holiday Hahas

  1. Okay, I feel like a bad friend! 😦
    I really don’t know why but I haven’t visited for awhile. And i miss the funnies and chuckles! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thanks, dear friend for stopping by my blog with the alpacas! I will now attempt to read the last few posts before I fall asleep.
    PS. Going to see my Mom next weekend over Memorial Day. Give me strength! Haha ha!: D

    Liked by 1 person

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