Mountain or Molehill?

So. Very. Tired.  Do. NOT. WANT. To Do. It. <insert whining baby sound here>

slob, humor, whining



In my big, bad, slobbish, pre-blog days (ya know, last week), I would have said “Fahggadda bout it”. And I would have.

But, since I’m in slob recovery mode, I got over myself, and did it anyway. And I timed myself. 8 minutes, to move everything, sweep and mop, and dry w/ 2 paper towels under my feet. (8!!!!)

Wow, I’ve been making a mountain outta an 8 minute molehill.

AS I sit here in my trusty recliner, looking around and feeling the warm glow of accomplishment (or is that just the heat of my huffing, puffing exertion?), I realize I forgot to move everything back.  Oopsie! Oh, well. DH will do it.

(What?? Did you think I suddenly became totally un-lazy??? Surely you jest!!)

7 thoughts on “Mountain or Molehill?

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