Donation Mountain


After I had the Manic Monday, I thought surely I had found everything there was to be found to get rid of.

Au contraire , mon cherie!

What to my wondering eyes should appear but a mountain of PP’s too small baby clothes, more and more other stuff, and generally more junk than I even knew I had. Where did all this zinginhoffer come from???

But!!! I’m letting go of a huge pile of the stuff, seeeeee??

4 freightliner containers




Okay, so I wasn’t letting go of THAT much….



(Someday when I get a camera, I can start showing real pix of my own stuff again!!  DD1, who had the smartphone, has her own place now.)


Now can I get off the hoarder list? Pleeeease, pretty please? with no cherry on top, I purged it today.

8 thoughts on “Donation Mountain

  1. Lol. I like your post. I was looking at my past blog posts and I realized that I have wanted to clean out my garage for the past four years. Sometimes we get it half cleaned out but more stuff appears and we are back to zero. Oh well. Good luck with your purge!


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