Today’s choice of beverage:

orange water in tervis

See my pretty Tervis? Oh yeah, and the orange water in it.

Vintage: 3 pm, Today

I went to Outback, and ordered water.  [What an accomplishment!]  YAY me!!  I deserve a Water Conservation Award!    Oh, no, wait… that would be if I DIDN’T drink water.  Okay, so I deserve a Healthy Beverage Choice Award!   And I asked for orange slices,

orange slice

My own photo, Kjetil Lenes.

instead of lemon, which the waitress was more than happy to do.  Ummmm, so refreshing!  Why don’t I remember to do this at home?

It’s stupid simple to make.  Hello oranges, {before} meet knife.

paring knife

Author=Donovan Govan.

 Deadly carnage ensues.  {After} Results:  Tasty hydrating beverage that also tingles your tastebuds!  What else could you want?  Besides a yummy drink that makes you small enough to go down a rabbit hole, I mean?

Inspire Me Monday party

two uses tuesday

20 thoughts on “Wawa

  1. I’ve been doing citrus slices in the water this week too. Why I didn’t get onto it earlier before half my fruit from our trees got wasted is a mystery. Why I’m here reading your blog instead of replying to messages and emails is less of a mystery though, I’m dithering and procrastinating. I do hope I will be forgiven for my tardiness.

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