Comment Chaos

Lately EVERYONE has been talking about how to manage your emails, and blogs.

Sharon from HowtoGetOrganizedatHome.

Janice from MostlyBlogging.

Ralph from BlueFishWay.  (Here is the guest post he wrote for Janice, explaining how he deals with the pressure.)

Hugh from HughsNewsandViews.

I was getting an email everytime someone commented on a post. Necessary, ok.  (But, was it really??? Everytime I log on to WP, if the bell has a circle on it, I have comments.

comment bell

 So, hmmm  maybe I can cancel those emails too???  Double notifications are a time waster… So, yeah!  I’m gonna cut out those emails too!  Yay!  More digital de-cluttering

I was getting double emails from several sites when a new post went up. ARGH!  Too much!

I was getting an email everytime someone I was following posted.  Too much!  Not necessary, ditched those.  They are in my reader, and can be accessed that way.

AND, I was getting an email everytime someone LIKED my post, or a COMMENT on a post!!! AAAAAHHHHH!

(Talk about  overload! )

My eyes were burning from all the reading of emails!  My finger was cramping from all the clicking to delete.

finger delete button

Enough already!!

Something had to change!!

Well, duh!  Turn off the LIKE email notifications!!  Tonight, this morning, whatever,  I finally played around in the dashboard long enough to figure out how to turn off the “Like” emails.  Thank goodness!  Hopefully, some of my sanity will be restored. What little there is left of it!

(and maybe only 50 emails a day, instead of 1,000???  Please!!!!)

Look!  I got thru my whole inbox, and only 3 left!

only 3 emails

 (2 are books I need to read, so they don’t really count, and I already deleted the OneDrive one.)  What an accomplishment!

AND, I just winnowed down my following list to only 57.  I don’t have to feel guilty about not following someone, just because they follow me, right, Hugh??  I just took a very big, relieved breath.  Maybe the insanity (of my inbox, anyway) has been banished.  My real sanity will always be in question!

Inspire Me Monday party

47 thoughts on “Comment Chaos

  1. Hi Melinda,
    Thank you so much for the link into my site! I really appreciate it. Here I thought I was the only one writing about Email clutter, LOL. The things I learn when I come to Florida =). I hope this works for you and you live a less cluttered Email life. Thanks again for the mention.
    Your BBFF,

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  2. I mostly follow blogs via RSS and then ignore my RSS feed lol. I can’t imagine following by email. I do like to get emails for the comments on my blog. It means I don’t miss any. I also maintain separate email addresses for separate tasks and I rarely care if my inbox is overflowing. Occasionally I go through and have a big deleting or sorting session. I’m pretty good at only responding to comments in batches a couple of times a week and only checking emails once or twice a day for important ones. I’m getting better at hitting the delete button too. The only emails I get from social media are stats based and I run filters on them. I do need to cancel a few reminder emails though for linky parties.

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    • Stella, follow from RSS, then ignore! lol That’s why I originally did the email following… But, as you saw, that didn’t work….
      I didn’t enable FB comment emails, thank goodness!
      Hey, we all have lives! Whatever you have to do, to maintain sanity!!


  3. If it works for you, then that is great to hear, Melinda. I’ve written quite a few blogging tips posts and shared what I have learned about the subject but they don’t work for everyone (so I’ve been told). However, passing on what we have learned and how we juggle our time with blogging and with what goes on in the rest of our lives is certainly something that many readers will thank you for. I’m glad you found a solution and thank you for sharing it with everyone.
    Thank you for the mention.


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