Pre Preps

Pre preps for imminent, irritation Irma are on going this weekend.  I’m writing this on my phone Sunday night, as my desktop apparently decided it was time to desert this earthly travail.    Argh!!          (update:   Monday it came back to life, after I gave it mouth to USB port resuscitation!)

Talk about frustration!   How am I supposed to blog about hurricane preps on my tiny little phone keyboard??   Vewwy vewwy cawefully!!

Anyway, I took pix, and since I’m on my phone, they should be easier to insert.    Let’s hope!!

Water is always a first essential.    Got it covered.

slob, humor, water stored in the tub

Fresh water- yay!

slob, humor, Water Bob

My new best friend!

TY PopPop!              That’s for drinking.

Second essential is potty. Got that covered:

(I was gonna take a pic of all the tp, but you know what it looks like!)

slob, humor, water for flushing

Flush water- sooooo important!!

Next is food.

Brownies!!         Then peach Coke- of course!           I think that’s all we need.       ( I have lots of other food, it’s just not that important!   lol)


slob, humor, flashlight, lantern

Lights- check!

DD1 took babies out of state.  So I know they’re safe.   DD2 was already out of state, so all’s good there.

XH had to evac his mobile, so I demanded asked him over here.   After all, somebody’s got to piggyback my fat butt outta here if the flooding is too bad!   Plus he has a 4×4 truck!

slob, humor, me and XH

Us!     Partying like it’s Hurricane Charley!

(He certainly seems to be happy to be here, doing all the prep work, doesn’t he???)

PopPop is safe at his work.

Grandmama’s building IS a shelter.  So she’s all good.   She’s having a sleepover with friends, in the laundry room!

Sister’s house is Cat 4 rated, so her and kids are safe.   Bubba and Shirley have a sturdy block house, so they’re good.

Let’s see who did I forget??   Oh yeah, Rose was already overseas, so she’s good.   And neighbor Jeannette went to a safe place as well.

All’s well that ends well, for us.    God protected us!!  

Praying for the millions still without power, and that lost their homes.

And still praying for Texas, and Louisiana.

Thanks everybody for all the prayers for us!!

❤  ❤  ❤

An Irma post.

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26 thoughts on “Pre Preps

  1. ARRRRGG!! I wrote a rather lengthy comment and WordPress (poopin’ the bed all over the place on my ‘puter) ate it. It involved peach coke and my angst that all carbonated beverages of the peach kind (Fanta and coke apparently – avoid the “Peach” Fresca….Bleah!) are NOT available in Utah. Even in “Peach City” where I live… 😦 I am very relieved and that you and yours are safe and ready for any contingency though! Take care!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh no!! I hate WP so hard sometimes!!
      I am so sorry, please write your Congressman!! Peach sodas should be available everywhere!!
      No, it wasn’t really “Coke” brand. I just grew up calling all sodas “Coke”. WE never said “soda” or “pop”.
      This time, I’m drinking peach “Nehi.” There is also peach “Crush.”
      Thank you! God is so good!


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