Condemned Cow

Look at this hideousness!!

cow mailbox


I’m always afraid my mail will be chewed up into cud, by the time I’m able to retrieve it!   What if it goes into the 4th stomach, and I can’t reach it???

udder on cow mailbox

“Udderly” AWFUL




Can you tell how much I despise it??

blank backside of cow mailbox

Isn’t the blank backside of a cow what YOU want to see every time you step outside??

Yeah, me neither!!

It must DIE!!  It’s officially on death row, as of NOW!!

wide eyed stare of cow mailbox

Oh yeah! I thought that’d get your attention!!

Panicked mooing!  “Mooooo!!  Mooooo!!”  (I’m not sure, but I think Bossy understood!)

Granny, get yore gun, we’s agoin huntin!!





(Update:  I have now officially de-“faced” the cow.   Death by dismemberment has begun.)








38 thoughts on “Condemned Cow

  1. Your post was really funny, but I liked the cow. Unique. You are right though, it looks like the cow will eat your mail. I am having a blog party Saturday for New Years. I hope you will come. Your community is invited too.

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