Purple Piping

Oops, I meant Wurple Wiping, no, I meant Wurple wiring, no, (getting flustered now) I meant Purple Wiring!  There it is!!

purple cat 5 cable

Purple Cat 5 cable!!

Trust me, it’s purple!  Not like the “purple” recliner, which wasn’t really purple at all.  Even tho it looks blue in this pix.  (Man!  I need a real camera!!)

purple charging cord

Not sure what you call this cord? Charging/and /or downloading pix cord, I guess!

Sweet friend, who does all my technology related stuff, bought these purple cords, especially for me!

Now, you tell me, Does or doesn’t Sweet friend  love me??!!

Having him as a friend is a wonderful thing!

22 thoughts on “Purple Piping

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