Moving Microwave

Last night I read, and read, and READ organizing blogs till my eyes crossed.

I can’t remember for sure, but I think it was Buildblog blah blah

that said get rid of your microwave.


Now, that is down right heresy!  I need my micro!

But, the article did connect in my slob brain about setting up your home for yourself.  And I’m tall, so I can put the micro back on top of the fridge where DD1 and I had it a while ago!

PP C 082

Poof-more counter space! Yippee!

Then I remembered, someone else in this house is not as tall as me.

And that would be kinda mean, to put it up where he can’t use it.

But! I could put a step ladder there! That would solve it!

Okay, fine, I won’t move the microwave up there.

But! Then I had another brainstorm!

Or else I heard the echo of Sweet friend saying, “Move it to the other counter, right of the sink.”


Final placement. (I think.)

Final placement. (I think.)

And look how purdy my (almost) empty counter looks now!

Clear Cooking Space!

Clear Cooking Space!

18 thoughts on “Moving Microwave

  1. I’m not willing to relocate my microwave. It’s located in a place made just for it, sort of out of the way and within my reach. My daughter has the ‘where to put the microwave’ problem though. She is always relocating hers.

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