Decluttering my Master Bath Counter

 Here it is in all it’s glory: my master bath counter.


bathroom counter

Yes, my actual bathroom counter. ewwww, I know.  But, in my defense, I DID tell you I was a slob, remember?

Why do I have a red Big Gulp there?    Ummm, let me think…. Oh yeah, I got it!  I’m gonna use it as dye to test how well I brushed!  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

See the basket there?  (I made it, ya know, in Basket weaving class in Alaska.)

I digress… my point was, see how the blue of the tissue box, brings out the amethyst of the wash cloths?  I normally call ’em wash rags, but since these are “Decor”, they’re wash cloths!)

And notice the beautiful roll of tp.  So very white and soft.

The measuring tape?  Oh, you saw that?  Well, it’s to measure how deep the water is when I give PP a bath.  Don’t want to waste more than 55 gallons washing 1 little baby.  And no, I didn’t throw her out with the bath water!  (Just in case you were worried, DD1.)

The kitchen soap?  Ummm.. well… let’s see…. just in case I run out of my pump soap, and I can’t see that huge jug of refill soap, because I have clutter blindness, then I’ll need something to wash with, right?

All the rest of the stuff is necessary bathroom stuff.  It just doesn’t need to be on the counter.  But hey, if I put it away, how ever will I find it again?? Out of sight, out of mind!

Now is when I’m supposed to post the


Except there isn’t one yet.  Guess why?  Ding, ding, ding! You got it in 1!! Maybe I’ll watch another Hoarders, and get busy cleaning.

Or not.  I’m IN recovery, not recovered.   I’ll be sure and let you know when it happens.  By, perhaps, a blog post about it???

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