Smart & Simple

Yeah, that’s the name of the dish soap I bought last week.      This whole HUGE bottle             (50 oz) for only $1!!!       What a bargain!

slob, humor, just what it says

But!!      Is it really smart??         Is it as simple as that??

Since it doesn’t lather up very well, at all, Like, At ALL, it’s very smart for the people who make, and sell it!       They’re selling a “soap” product that is probably only 11% soap, (and that’s being very generous!!), and 89% water!!        They can afford to sell it for $1, since it only has 1 cent of soap in it!

And I’m the simple one, for believing that a huge bottle of dish soap for $1, would work  well!!       

slob, humor, dish soap?

I had to use another squirt for every dish I washed!         Not a good deal.      Not even a fair deal.

I must say, I love the color, tho!!        (Thank goodness for the bottle specifying lavender!   Otherwise, I might have mistaken it for lilac!)

Sadly, purple coloring doth not a good soap make.      Even I, as purple fanatic as I am, can admit that.

slob, humor, "Dawn" fainted

Dawn fell down, and can’t get up.      She is in shock that I cheated on her.    And with such a cheap floozy, too.

Please forgive me, Dawn!       I’ve learned my lesson!      I won’t do it again!    I promise!!


(But I am brainstorming ways to have my purple, and real soap too!)

17 thoughts on “Smart & Simple

  1. That’s like the dish soap we get at the food pantry. It only takes 1/2 a bottle to wash 7 dishes! It’s fabulous! With only a case I can actually do my dishes. I feel like a queen using that much soap to wash things. *clicking heels together* There’s no soap like Dawn! There’s no soap like Dawn!

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  2. I was buying Walmart’s brand of dish soap and it lathers alright but for some reason the squirt part keeps getting clogged up! I told my hubby how frustrating that was and he asked me why I wasn’t just buying Dawn. 😜

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