Dishes, Dishes, Dreaded Ding Dong Dishes

Man, you think I’d be done writing about dishes!  Ah so, ah no!

This past weekend, I had PP.   I love having her so much!

But: she wears me out!  I tend to her, and (maybe) get a bath too, but that’s it!  No cleaning, dishes or laundry on her watch! lol

So, when she left Sunday night, and there was a full sink of dishes, did I jump in there like a good lil housekeeper, and do ’em all up?

me sleep 154

Yeah, right!  If you’ve been here very long, you know the answer is a resounding NO!

Anyway, there sat the pitiful, but still pretty!, dang dirty dishes.

BUT!  to rejuvenate, first I had to sleep 12 hours.  Yes, I sleep 12 hours, and your point?

When I came into the kitchen to find food,  there they were, staring at me, mocking me:  “Purple Slob in Recovery, huh?  Recover this!”

me sleep 154

Ooooohhh, I despised them at that moment.

So, I did what any good slob would do, I ignored them, and ate my breakfast.  (A non-dish-requiring breakfast of fresh blueberries, outta the container, and a cheese stick.)

no dishes needed

no dishes needed


Then, s l o w l y, I dragged myself back into the kitchen, and confronted them.

“You’re going down, today, Sassy Pants!”


So I organized them, dumped the contents, re-arranged them, alphabetized them…..

And after starting to think I might actually have to DO them, I caught myself.  Wait!  I’m a slogger!! (slob-blogger for you new followers.)  I HAVE to take pix for the blog!!

So, I stretched that out as long as I could….

Here they are stacked nicely

Here they are stacked nicely, sorta….

Okay, fine!  I’ll do the dishes!  But only so they can’t mock me anymore!

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48 thoughts on “Dishes, Dishes, Dreaded Ding Dong Dishes

  1. ha ha 😀 …I hate doing dishes 😛 though we have maid for that ..but whenever she takes off I literally have that sassy pant face:P Meanwhile nice design template 🙂 All purple 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. All those purple dishes! When my dishwasher broke 10 years ago, I never replaced it and welcomed the extra storage space left behind! I actually like doing the dishes. Gives me a sense of control over my kitchen. My hubby cooks and messes it up, I clean it and am happy.

    Liked by 1 person

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