Many Measly Months?

Has it really been almost 4 months that I’ve lived in my house, and haven’t shown y’all the inside yet???  Am I crazy??? Don’t answer that.

I know y’all have been sitting there on pins and needles, just waiting!  I’m so sorry to have been the cause of so much pain!!

The dining room/ kitchen before:

all green dinette

ugly green sink

Obviously, a before!


purple cabinets pink knobs

I thought the Berry Pink was a cute touch.

dinette chairsDon’t have this set finished, but it’s in progress!  One done!   Ah, ah, ah  (Count from Sesame Street voice)

purple lower kitchen cabinets

Pre-knob replacement

I hate that the sink is STILL green, sigh, but whatcha gonna do???  Is there a sink paint?  And can I get it in purple???  Research trip to Lowe’s, coming right up!!

Bedroom Before:

built in dresser

installing air conditioner

Wall above dresser in progress

bedroom wall right of door

Bedroom wall. See anything wrong with it??
No, not the black out screens!

purple wall and curtains

Purple wall & curtains- divine!

Living Room Before:

living room left end

Right of the front door,  left end

left end right of door

Right of front door, left end

I know that description makes no sense. Sorry.  I’d use north and south, if I could.  {shrug}

Granny’s corner cabinet, is where the ugly, green chair full of brown, and green sheers was.  Sweet friend changed out the pendant light, to the bubble light, so that the corner cabinet would fit under!  Thank you, sweet friend!

half wall left of front door

Half wall to left of front door

Trust me, the bottom of the wall is purple too!

small green ugly chair

Small, green, ugly chair

It was left for me.  As you can see, it went outside, pronto puppy!

Bathroom Before:

bathroom vanity

bathroom vanity

metal basket wall art

Another bequeathment from the former owners.
It’s gone now.


Shower with valance

purple bathroom wall

 AH!! So much better!

purple valance

There, isn’t that prettier?

Going out front door:

c, pp ahircut 304

Someone had the nerve to say my house has purple overload.  How dare he!!  Well! Someone may not be invited back again anytime soon!!

There, now everyone can relax, and sit in a comfy chair again!

two uses tuesday

waiting on wednesday

44 thoughts on “Many Measly Months?

  1. Thanks for the visit . Indeed you home tool a fresher tune and modern look !!
    You like the blue and the purple!:
    I am sorry for your sink . Are not algaes that maintain it green ? Oh: shocking:: 😉 😉
    Love ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the purple in the bathroom. I’m not sure I could handle an entire wall painted purple though, so I understand your friends comment. I think I could have gone white with purple stripes. You could totally run big wide strips of painters tape down the wall and then paint over the top in white, you’d get a purple tinged whitish colour with awesome purple stripes. Sorry I’ll stop imagining how I’d decorate your place now.
    I can see why ugly chair had to go. ewww. I didn’t mind the metal wall thingy, but those flowers in it were a definite NO.
    I’m sure there is something you can do about your sink. There must be.

    Liked by 1 person

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