Paperless Problem

Good thing I was already sitting down, because a horrible thing happened.  I had run outta tp!

This is shocking!!!   A tragedy of Herculean proportions for a Hawkins!  (my maiden name)

empty toilet paper roll

It hasn’t happened in years, and YEARS!!   (I have a serious phobia of running out, due to being really poor during childhood, and all the hideous experiences with running out of tp.  Nope, can’t even talk about it.  You don’t know what I suffered as a child!

Well, if you must know, it started out with the kleenex, which was fine.  Then it was the paper napkins, NOT fine!!  Then the paper towels, worse than NOT fine!!  And more worser- you can’t flush them!!!   Then Sears catalogs, then finally corn cobs!

corn cob

 True story! It happened in Grma’s out house!!  She was renovating the real bathroom at the time.  And it wasn’t long, but it felt like an ETERNITY!!   That’s when I almost didn’t go for a week!  (haha  Scared of spiders, snakes, and that ain’t what it takes to love me…)

I have PTTPLSD because of it all.   Post-Traumatic-Toilet-Paper-Lessness-Stress Disorder.  They had to create a new category in the DSM-V just for me.

toothbrush hates his job

So, there I was.   Stumped, had to think hard!  Ended up, having to use kleenex.   sigh   Coulda been worse!!  What if I’d only had paper towels??????   ARGH!  {runs screaming into the night at even the THOUGHT of it!}

toilet paper hoard

I’m not sure I have enough yet. Maybe 1 more trip??

Now I’m set!

32 thoughts on “Paperless Problem

  1. you can NEVER have too much tp…you learn plant identification if you’re ever in the woods…w/o tp…socks are useful too…then there’s the bear joke…BEAR: rabbit, do you mind poo in your fur; RABBIT: no…bear picks up rabbit and wipes his rear…

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  2. Oh my word girl! That is sad and definitely something none of us want to happen, but you made me laugh! I mean your clever corn cob story and PTTPLSD – seriously you are fabulous! lol Carrie, A Mother’s Shadow

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