Easy?? Easy for You to Say

Nony, from a SlobComesClean, always says, “Start with the Easy Stuff”.

But, what’s the “Easy Stuff”??

Stella from Purfylle answered that very well.  Please go read her post, AFTER you finish mine!

I was already planning this post, when I saw hers.  So, I asked her for permission to share.

She lists 5 categories of stuff that are easy to start with, with 6 sub-categories of #5.

Here’s how I’m doing with that.

 I sat sulkily on my sofa, (read bed), staring at stuff.  I wanted to do SOmething, but what?  There wasn’t any trash (that I could see from my seat).  But, did I get up and go see for sure??  Nope, that would require actually moving.  And I just wanted to sit, and sulk, and stare at the stuff.  

built in dresser

Built-in Dresser

Okay, this is a cheat pic, from before I moved in.  Sheesh, you guys are so hard on me!

My nice 8 drawer dresser sits empty, while a mountain of junk nice stuff sits on top.  That ain’t right, y’all.

But, it’s my truth.  I wanna be a recovered slob, but I’m far from it yet.  

If I would just get up, and pick 1 thing, and put it away, I’d probably be motivated to do another, then another.

Alas, we may never know, since I chose to come over here to Sweet Friend’s house and blog about it, rather than actually, ya know, do it.   sigh

19 thoughts on “Easy?? Easy for You to Say

  1. Confession. My house looks really neat. However, there is a closet that I do a stash and dash that can get so bad, that if you open the door, items will fall out. As Buddha says “do what your can do and then walk on.”


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  2. You are working on it and doing great! one little step at a time! My kids come to the kitchen and cook, then always say “where is our spoon or spatula mom!!!” I pick everything up as soon as it is set down, not on purpose! force of habit!! So, you go one tiny step at a time. I am going the other way one step at a time!!

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