Blissful Blessing

HEAT!!  Having heat is the warmest hug, wrapping around my body, after coming inside from 40 degree weather!!

What a blissful blessing to have central HEAT, and air!    At my new place, I only had window units that were air conditioners.   AND, I didn’t possess a space heater, until I moved here to my newest place, and bought adopted my happy heater.    He makes me so happy!!   {Hence the name.}

face on heater. knobs as eyes button nose

What a cute button nose, and wide awake, bright eyes! That smile on its lips is a joy to behold.



Now, I have 2 sources of heat!   I’ll thank God till I die, that I got this house!!!

Unless you have lived through a 40 degree night, with no heating, and no electric blanket. you’ll never quite appreciate the blissful blessing of finally having heat!!     (Yes, I did survive, thanks to the 1 thick blankie, and 1 thick quilt I had.    Thanks for your concern!)

So, if you have central heat, or a heater of any kind, be thankful for your blissful blessing!!

{Are ya wondering HOW many times I can repeat the title in ONE post???    Looks like 3 is the limit.}

5 thoughts on “Blissful Blessing

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