Blissful Blessing

HEAT!!  Having heat is the warmest hug, wrapping around my body, after coming inside from 40 degree weather!!

What a blissful blessing to have central HEAT, and air!    At my new place, I only had window units that were air conditioners.   AND, I didn’t possess a space heater, until I moved here to my newest place, and bought adopted my happy heater.    He makes me so happy!!   {Hence the name.}

face on heater. knobs as eyes button nose

What a cute button nose, and wide awake, bright eyes! That smile on its lips is a joy to behold.



Now, I have 2 sources of heat!   I’ll thank God till I die, that I got this house!!!

Unless you have lived through a 40 degree night, with no heating, and no electric blanket. you’ll never quite appreciate the blissful blessing of finally having heat!!     (Yes, I did survive, thanks to the 1 thick blankie, and 1 thick quilt I had.    Thanks for your concern!)

So, if you have central heat, or a heater of any kind, be thankful for your blissful blessing!!

{Are ya wondering HOW many times I can repeat the title in ONE post???    Looks like 3 is the limit.}

Happy Heater

Please help me welcome the newest member of my household:   The Happy Little Heater!    

red space heater with face

My Happy Little Heater


{baby voice}    Doesn’t it have the most precious widdle face??  Yes, you do.   Yes, you do!    {lots of tail wagging, and that was just me!}

I fell in love, as soon as it came outta the box.   And I could tell by the glow in it’s knobs, that it feels the same way about me.



The cherry red is as cheery as it’s warmth will be, sending waves of blissful heat washing over me.

face on heater. knobs as eyes button nose

What a cute button nose, and bright eyes! That smile on it’s lips is a joy to behold.






That wide smile greets me every morning, as I step into the bathroom.    How wonderful to have such a happy roommate, who’s always so thrilled to see me!     I love you too, my Happy Little Heater, I love you too!

friday frivolity button from Devastate Boredom


Toasty Toes

I’m happy to report- I can feel my toes again!  YAY!!   Last night, I was sure they were frostbitten, to be forever lost.  Why??  I was cold!  lol  I didn’t buy a space heater when I had money, so now I was gonna die, by way of punishment for mismanagement of funds.

Tonight, however, my brain had thawed out some from today’s sunshine, and I remembered- I have central air! Which means, central heat!!   YAY!!


Blessed warmth!!


So, I flipped the switch, and oh sweet mercy- hot air came out!!

Old people problems- I didn’t have heat in the olden days (a month ago, in the other house), therefore I forgot I have it now.  Duh-oh!!


Mailbox mistakes

My mailbox is now purple! Yay!


And I didn’t have to go out into the heat, and do it! Double yay!!

Then I decided I needed to do something for myself.  So, I made up my mind to put on the letters.

I did it myself! The letters, that is.

I did it myself! The letters, that is.

Yes, there are


but I did it myself!  (anyone remember those Shake and Bake commercials? and that adorable little girl?)

So they're not exactly even, pppffffftt

So they’re not exactly even, pppffffftt

So there's gaps, pppffftt

So there’s gaps, pppffftt


not perfect.  Deal. Get over it.  I have!

It’s purple, it’s labeled, it’s mine.

It keeps mail dry.

We’re all good here!

waiting on wednesday

Monday Madness party