Washed Windows

Pressured washed the trailer last Monday.    (Well, you KNOW it wasn’t exactly me who did it.   But, if I paid for it…. anyway, it got done!)

Remember the old, moldy sides??

right side trailer central air unit

Right Side. Notice the central air unit!!



It looked hideous!!   (On a side note, my yellow roses are blooming now!!    So gorgeous!)

home grown yellow roses

My yellow roses! I didn’t know I could grow those! lol (Only because they were already here, and I haven’t had time to kill them yet!

So, now here is the newly washed, so pretty side!!

side of trailer, pressure washed

Freshly washed face!

Nice, no??

Next up, paint!!    3 guesses what color?  only the first 2 don’t count!   Lol!    (Even if this is your first time here, I know you can guess too!)

Only the stripes, and the trim tho, for now!    Bwahahaha, {evil genius laugh}   Oh yeah, and the cow spots.   Can’t forget the mailbox!

So, tune in next time, same purple channel, same purple time!     I just realized, how ironic is it, that the word purple, is green????



14 thoughts on “Washed Windows

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