Seized Scissors

How many pairs of scissors do I have??

How many pairs of scissors do I need?   

For the Valentine’s party, I started rounding up all my scissors.   And I was seized by dismay, at all the ones I found!

First, the regular blades.

humor, plain blade scissors

Plain ole blades

And the “unofficial” barber scissors, that aren’t sharp enough anymore to be reliable for hair.

humor, slob, 2 pairs barbering scissors

Poor old “decommissioned” barbering shears


Then, the fancy blades that cut a pattern.

humor, patterned bladed scissors

Oooooohh! Fancy!


And oh yeah, my kitchen shears.


And the orange ones.

humor, gardening scissors

Good ole gardening scissors



I used them to deadhead the roses, since they don’t work very well on paper anymore. So, they’re my official gardening scissors (now anyway)

Annnnd, 1 more pair- my “official” barbering scissors.  Which I couldn’t find when I was hacking up my hair!

humor, slob, barber shears

My “official” barbering shears. Where were they 2 months ago??

Oops! I forgot the ones in the pencil cup!

And, I guess I have to include my sewing/quilting scissors.  

slob, purple sewing scissors set

Titanium even! Oooohh- fancy!

But, don’t you try to use them to cut anything else!  You’ll draw back a nub, mister!

So, I have __14__ pairs of scissors.  Does that mean I’m hoarding them??    But which ones do I give away???    I need them all!!   wailing and gnashing of teeth

20 thoughts on “Seized Scissors

  1. I didn’t count how many I have, and I’m not going to! I had a set of those titanium scissors in red – the handles all died and the nuts kept over tightening – just awful. Well obviously you’re allowed to keep those ones that are different shapes, and a pair of hair scissors and a pair for paper and a pair for gardening and some snips and a pair for fabric. How many’s that? Oh and a pair for the kitchen. 9? Surely that many is allowed?

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