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Here we are at Day 4.    This is actually my day one, I just forgot to blog about it!    So, I have to shove fit it in here.

I always go on Freecycle.   Love that site!!    Best way to get free stuff ever!!    Or to get RID of stuff too!    In fact, I signed up for the email alerts, so I don’t even have to log on to be notified!

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Sat Aug 27 21:26:22 2016
Quilting rulers and supplys (Lakeland) by sewnaners
Looking for assorted quilting rulers and supply’s Thank you


“Sew” {see what I did there?  lol} I thought, “Well, I don’t have any extra rulers to give away, BUT!  I do have some extra fabric that Mama gave me.   I don’t need all of it, so I can share.”

{But did I take pix?    Nooooo!    sigh    Maybe someday in the sweet bye and bye.}

We can only hope!!

Anyway,   eye roll  I answered her post, including my phone number.   Shortly, she texted back.   Turns out, we live on the same street!!    That was so funny!!    We both had a good laugh over that!

slob, humor, laughing

Laughing with giddy delight!!



After she picked out which fabrics she wanted, I invited her in.    We had a nice talk, now we both have a new friend!   And a good neighbor!

So, it didn’t really take 15 minutes, but I’m counting this!!

Maybe if I count reading the ad, emailing, and texting her…..    Okay, it DID take 15 minutes!!   Counting the visit, almost an hour!

Whew!   I worked hard on this one!      slob, humor, winky

{I’d make my own winky giphy-IF I knew how!!}





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28 thoughts on “Declutterathon Donate

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  2. I try to declutter but I keep getting side tracked with other things like apps, writing, new technology stuff, programming, circuits, electronics. I think I’m going to do a huge declutter the next time I move in 4 to 5 years. I am going to get rid of it then. I loved your sense of humor.

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