Declutterathon- Desk

slob, decluttering


Oh no!   I just looked at the clock, and it’s 11:45 pm!!    On Day 5!   What is it with me??    Do I just think I have all day to get stuff done?? 

Uh, yeah!   Apparently, ya do!

Ok, Ok, {looks around frantically for a quick project to do.   Preferably one to be done from the chair, without moving.   At all.}

{Eyes light up!}   Aha!    It’s been right in front of me the whole time!!   The computer desk!!  It’s bad!    Very bad!

Here’s proof.

slob, humor, dead llama    A dead llama, y’all.   A. Dead. Llama!!   Well, ok, it was the pen that was dead, but whatever.   I think I proved my point.

slob, desk messslob, muerte mouse?

If that’s another muerto mouse, I think I’ll lose my lunch ice cream bars!

slob, desk mess    Very bottom shelf.   Hey, at least I give my pet roaches plenty to eat!    Speaking of roaches, did you know they get very active after a de-clutter session?    I’ve killed 4 in the last hour.    Who knew they wouldn’t like their nests messed??

Oh, that’s right.   We’re supposed to be de-cluttering!!    It’s a Declutterathon, duh!

slob, humor, 2 pencil cups    How bout this then??    I have 2, only need one.    Buh, bye one or the other!!   Try to guess which one I kept!    (I’ll tell ya later.)    

Or this??

   slob, humor, clutter    Another sad, unnecessary item.

slob, humor, clutter  slob, humor, book shelved

Look!   A book!   And, I just happen to have discovered the perfect place for them, the other day!!

slob, declutter      I knew I had one of these!!    Just could not figure out where!!    Thank you Declutterathon!!

slob, desk clutter                                                             slob, desk, paper place proper place

Quite a mess I have here!   Recycled the box, and manuals.    Made a home for the printer paper.   Moved the Christmas tags to the filing cabinet, in the card drawer.   (Made sense to me.    Remember the not-moving-out-of-the-chair-at-all part??)

Even cleaned (dusted I guess would be a better word) the top!

slob, desk, all clean!

     All clean!!   Nice!!

slob, clutter, soap    This was up there too.   What is it?   You may ask.    Homemade soap, from DD1.    That never has been used.    Since she gave it to me for Christmas.   9 months ago.    So, yeah, regretfully, I let it go.   (I just can’t do slimy.)

slob, humor, VIP piece of tape    Random piece of VIT  (Very Important Tape).    Want to know the best thing?   As I was typing this, I looked up and it’s still there!     I photographed it, then forgot it!    Gone now.

slob, humor, dried wipes    I’ve been looking for these!     Rats!!    They’re so dried out and stiff, I think I scratched my monitor!

slob, clutterslob, humor, desk clutter     Assorted Cds.    But I should probably keep these 2!    The one with no writing turned out to be a country western mix tape (what do they call them now that they’re no longer tapes??).    Since I don’t listen to that anymore, it’s trash.

Alright, enough on this.    I did double my 15 mins.    And the results are wonderful!!    I’m thrilled to be sitting here, looking at my newly de-cluttered desk!     It even makes me feel more….. what’s the word I’m looking for??    More….. motivated to keep de-cluttering!!

Now, what to do tomorrow??    Guess I’ll actually have to get up outta this chair.    

Wait!!     There’s this:

slob, humor, clutterslob, humor, clutterslob, humor, clutter

To my right, within arm’s reach.   Yup, at LEAST another 15 minutes worth.    EASY!!    You’re going down, clutter.    But not today, time’s up!!




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Oh yeah!   I said I’d tell ya which pencil holder I got rid of.   Let’s see if ya guessed right!

slob, humor, clutter gone

Why ever did I have a necklace??    I haven’t worn one in years!     (Facepalm)


39 thoughts on “Declutterathon- Desk

  1. The desk looks great!!! When I first saw the bar of soap, I thought it was….. a piece of toast with peanut butter on it… lol. I don’t know why but that was the first thing that popped in my head. Maybe I should go have some breakfast.

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