Slimy Slug

PP and I decided to go outside.   (This was pre- PPJr.)

In the backyard, I asked her to pick up a stack of old broken, plastic pots, so we could throw them away.   

slob, humor, old pots

The pots, scary situation in the making.


Helpful lil darling that she is, she didn’t mind at all.


She saw this!!

slob, humor, slug

Slimy slug!


Actually, it was still in the pot when she saw it.   But she threw down the pot so fast, the slug fell out on the grass!

slob, humor, plastic pot

The offending pot.

Ever the teacher, I decided on an impromptu science lesson.    So, I touched it, to show her it wasn’t gonna hurt her.

No sir!   She wasn’t gonna touch it with a ten-foot pole!

But, she didn’t mind looking at it.   She is a curious little girl, after all!

slob, humor, curled slug

When it curled up, that piqued her interest!

At first, she kept insisting that it was a bug.    But, eventually we came to a meeting of the minds, that it was indeed a slug.   A slimy, nasty slug!


Speaking of slimy, she was not at all thrilled with the slime trail.

slob, humor, slug trail

Slimy slug slime!

But, she learned something new, and Omie had touched something new, so everybody was happy!   Especially the slug, since now he was free of his plastic prison!


22 thoughts on “Slimy Slug

  1. Oh, I hate them! LOL, my brother used to throw them at me when we were kids, and I’ve never gotten over it. And then I saw the movie “Slugs”. Even now, knowing they won’t hurt me, I can’t touch them. I don’t care for them eating my garden, either. But it’s so good you turned her first slug-find into a learning experience instead of a trauma!

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