Decluttering the Broken

Look at this gorgeous soap dispenser.


I love it. I have a whole bathroom set that matches it, BUT, did you see the ginormous chip??


I’ve decided since I’m a grown up now, I’m not going to live with broken, non-working, cracked, chipped stuff.  My real life is NOW, no more waiting till later to get good stuff. I deserve good stuff now.  (Even if it’s from Dollar Tree, if I like it, and it’s whole, it’s the good stuff.)

Time to toss it. It hurts to let it go…. Now my set will not be complete!!!   But, it’s time to just say bye…

Moment of silence, please.

Update: 10/21/15  I didn’t know when I deleted a picture from the library, it disappeared from the post.  Sorry!  And it’s long gone, so no do over.  My bad.  Won’t do that again!!

15 thoughts on “Decluttering the Broken

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