Paper Purgathon- Pile, Pete, Pile

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Paper Purgathon

Paper Purgathon- Pact

Paper Purgathon- Palisade

Paper Purgathon- Pal


Yeah, I know, pile, Pete, pile no makey sense.     But I couldn’t put Repeat, like I wanted to!   (You know how stringent my BBFFJ is about the alliteration rules!       And since she’s a teacher, I don’t wanna get called into the principal’s office!!)

slob, humor, receipts

And this is only since 11/9/2016

I finished up the pile of receipts on my desk.    FINAALLY!        And it only took 2 tries!      Woo hoo!

As I looked at the receipts, to enter the surveys, about 4 of the fast food ones were expired.   No judging!      It’s Christmas!      (Near enough for fast food excuses, anyway!)      So, those were easy trash decisions.

Now, it looks like this.

slob, humor, receipts

I know, I shouldn’t show the solitaire game I’m playing!


Oops, I mean like this.                        slob, humor, neat receipts      Why Melinda, what neat receipts you have!            Thanks so much for noticing!

Then, because Nov. was already over, I just had to trash all the CVS receipts.    You only have until the end of the month to do the surverys.     😦            That’s what ya get for procrastinating!           I wasn’t procrastinating, I had other priorities!          Okay, yeah, I was procrastinating.

But, now it’s really neat!       No receipts!      (The few I kept to brag, blog about later, are in the Palisade.)

slob, humor, finally neat!

Ah!  Clean again!!      Nice!        (Having flashbacks to the Declutterathon Desk!)

Nap time!!



Queen Anne’s Day 4:   Poor Queen Anne was felled, but not from a massive paper cut, as I had feared.

Our Other Fellow Sovereigns:
– Viv, at GriefHappens, said she needed to be on this “like an over-sugared kid in a bouncy house”, and is joining with 30 minutes a day.🙂
– Jena, at All Round Better me,  is in for 60 minutes a week.
– Amy, at More time than money, also joining with 60 minutes a week.
– Grace, at The CFO MOM Blog, just told me she is joining, woohoo!                                            – Barb, at Decluttering The Stuff, has gone through some of her papers as well.. but is staying far away from the scanning part (and I don’t blame her..)

Sitting on the fence;

– Jen, at The Hidden Hoarder, is hard at work on her front porch, and hasn’t quuuuite decided yet.😉


-Gilly, at Anything but Housework, had to withdraw from the challenge, due to becoming full time care givers for her parents.     We’re here for moral support, Gilly!!

20 thoughts on “Paper Purgathon- Pile, Pete, Pile

  1. When it was just me doing things, I kept all of my receipts in envelopes by month. But the hubs never gets receipts, or he throws them away. If I don’t have them all, it ruins the system. Ah well. Good for you on cleaning yours up. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Look at you be BFF M,
    I made the post! I actually made the post! Without warning or anything. I am totally surprised! Yes,
    It is me, the alliteration police to make sure you are indeed using alliteration LOL.
    Seriously, I am really flattered that you thought of me when you made your post.
    BBF FJ

    Liked by 1 person

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