Muerto Mouse

Uh, guys?   Remember when I said I’d be okay, unless I saw a real live dead mouse??   I think I just have…

slob, humor, dead mouse

Muerto mouse?? 


Obviously, he died from eating so much he burst.   Mama always told me that would happen and I never believed her.

Lesson learned:  The Mama is always right!!

OR: maybe he died of fright from all the mess???    Naaaah, that can’t be it!   Where did the saying “rat’s nest” come from, if they’re scared of a little lotta dirt??


What do you think???

On second thought, does it look more like bitty baby bunny bones???

slob, humor, dead mouse or baby bunny bones

Muerto mouse?? or bitty baby bunny bones???


I know, I know, the whole hall corner right there is filthy, and needs a clean sweep.   Didja miss the “Slob” part of my name???


Oh my word, quit nagging, will ya??  

“What??  I didn’t say a word!”

I can hear ya nagging, by your look.


eye roll



Fine….. (or not).

I’ll do it.     Sheesh.

slob, humor, swept hall

Animal free zone!!   Yes, uh huh, I did too sweep! Twice!  Can I help it if the dust is so old, it’s melded into the wood??   (Well, yeah, I guess technically, I could have helped it….)



RIP, poor mouse, or bunny, or whatever you are were.  { Just don’t expect a memorial, ain’t happenin.}

17 thoughts on “Muerto Mouse

  1. Lord-a-goshens, Lucy! When I first looked at that photo, I thought you were losing your hair! (Like Janice, I, too, admire that you are actually posting with everything going on around you. Please note that I have not posted in two weeks. Unlike you, I’m just not very good at multi-tasking. Hopefully, I’ll get something out this weekend but a nap sounds really appealing right now. Love, Ethel

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