Declutterathon Da-shred?

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slob, humor, clutter  pile.   slob, humor, clutter

Here we begin to be weary of the dumb “D” words, that are not really words, Melinda!!

But I tried wracking my brain, but that was just too painful!

Another thought?


Try this.

slob, humor, help

Thanks!!  You saved all the strain on my gray matter!     Okay, how’s “disunite’??

Too late now, you already hit publish!   Everyone’s already read it, and think you’re kooky for making up words.

I think they were already well aware before today!

As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, [clears throat, gives severe look], today we’re gonna tackle the shred pile, under the desk.    AND, since we have no shredder, it has to be done by hand.    So, we are for realz gonna set the timer, AND start it this time!!

Rip, shred, disunite, tear…….


Wow!  At least I reduced it to this smaller heap.

slob, humor, smaller pile    Good going!!                  Thanks!!                      Welcome.   Now, get going!

Resets timer.    Resumes tearing.

Wonder why I had a note to myself in the shred pile??

slob, humor, shred

Good question!!

All done!   With 8 minutes left on the timer!!    

Do you mean to tell me I HAND shredded that whole pile in only 21 minutes??


Then WHY did I wait so long????

{Opens mouth to answer…}

Never mind!

Now the bottom two shelves of the desk are empty!!   YAY!!    Thank you Queen Anne for the challenge!

slob, humor, decluttered


Queen Anne’s Day   7  :


Queen Anne’s other Ladies-in-Waiting:


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Jen, at The Hidden Hoarder

Barb, at Decluttering The Stuff


29 thoughts on “Declutterathon Da-shred?

  1. You will be pleased to hear that your declutterisation mania has reached the UK (well, it reached me anyway.) You and your decluttering blogger friends finally shamed me into tacking the spare bedroom that I grandly call my dressing room. Today, I took no less than NINE big garbage bags full of clothes to the clothes bank. Then I took two big bags of crappy ornaments and junk to a friend who does car-boot sales (do you call them that – where people sell stuff out of their boots (trunks?) on a big field? And oh my goodness there is MORE to come. Thank you for giving me the bug guys!!!!

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