Declutterathon Data

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Remember hearing about these beauties??

slob, humor, old phone

(Well, couldn’t find other one.    Guess I already donated it??)

Well, that’s what we’re gonna de-clutter.     Now do you get the Android joke?     No?      Ya hadda watch Star Trek New Gen, I guess.

I got the phone, as a free one.    So, I used it a few days, but the punching-the-keys-3-or-4-times-to-get-the-letter-I-want thing  completely wore out my nerves!!       

slob, humor, no time

But of course, I had already input numbers, cuz I’m too lazy busy to remember them!

So, after the phone went in the donate pile, it finally occurred to me that I might not want whomever gets it to know my Mama’s number! Duh!

Anyway, the story of the second phone is:  I ordered it online, to take the first crazy-making one’s place.     Not knowing SF had also ordered one!!     So, when #2 arrived, I input numbers…     And a day or two later, SF’s phone arrived- which was MILES better than the one I ordered!!    PLUS he had gotten a purple case!     So purple, I mean better, wins hands down!

So, that’s why we have to de-clutter data today.

OOps, wait!      What about your old, purple phone??    slob, humor, data clutter

Oh yeah, so it’s data times three, then.

I’m seeing WAY more than 15 minutes work here!

So no need to even set the timer, just stretch my index finger to limber it up, and go to town.

Days hours 45 minutes later, I was done with the 2 black phones, since I hadn’t transferred all my #s to either one, thankfully!!    But I did already have pix, etc on the second one.     

Why did it take you 45 minutes??    

Well, you delete contacts one by one, and see how long it takes you!

Groan!    You did each one individually??

How else??

Didn’t you even LOOK to see if there was a delete all option?

Uh, no…

Anyway, so now I know…


Oh yeah!  One more thing that counts as data, I think.      When I was looking thru my memory boxes way the other day, 2 weeks ago??      I found an old addy book, and kept it out.

slob, humor, old clutter

So, today I looked thru it, and it was all people from 20 years ago, that I no longer have any contact with, OR I know for a fact they’ve moved.

So, trashing that was an easy decision.    Yay for 1 angst free decision!!

Then, there’s this:    

slob, humor, decluttered inbox

Yay for a decluttered inbox!


Data done decluttered.       (apologies to Brent Spiner)





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23 thoughts on “Declutterathon Data

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  2. I’m still looking for my iPhone. I lost it last week somewhere, I think it’s around the house. Definitely not charged. I don’t like cell phones, so it’s no great loss, except people keep telling me they sent me texts and I don’t get back to them. What are texts? Well, whatever they are, they’re lost, too, I guess??? I’m also pretty terrible with that linked-in thing and not that great with FB. I forgot how to get into my pinterest account, but I keep getting notified that people like my pins – so that’s good, I guess????? I hope that is not one of the exploding phones, Lucy. That is not the way you want to unclutter! Love, Ethel

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